Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Enter: The Johnny Cochrane defence

The insanity which has come to characterise anything race-related is neatly underlined by the case of Theodore Ricks. This treasure, had no license when cops say he slammed into a livery car early Saturday, killing the driver and his wife before speeding away.

He was very bad to do that, you’d think.

But no – it wasn’t really his fault.

Why not?

Well, because he was being chased by cops at the time. And what the fuck has that got to do with anything, you may well ask. Ah well, here comes the rub. Ricks (who callously told cops the couple should have been wearing their seat belts, and was on the road despite his license having been suspended or revoked nearly two dozen times since 2005), is black.

Getting the picture?

Over to his attorney for the Johnny Cochrane defence. He was “not a reckless motorist but rather the victim of racial profiling. They were doing nothing wrong. They were just driving on the road. It raises a serious question why two black men in a Mercedes were stopped,” he argued.

I kid you not.

Police deny any chase and instead say Ricks saw cops along Cebra Ave. and floored his 1993 Mercedes-Benz, possibly because he was driving without a license and his passenger was carrying marijuana.

In the Johnnie Cochran defense you don’t argue reason, facts, logic, or law. You argue that the man (that’s you white people for the unenlightened) was keeping these fine black gentlemen down. You argue police misconduct caused these law-abiding men to panic. You argue to the black jury, the only way to stop police misconduct in the future is to stop police misconduct now.

Now, unbelievably, the cops are on the defensive!

Hang on, it’s not unbelievable at all. It’s what this PC/AA monster has lead us to.

God help us all.

12 comments: said...

++What goes around,comes around.Ireland was one of those countries kissing arses all over Africa and condemning and undermining White Governments there with the frivolity and irresponsibility born of geographical remoteness from reality-Rhodesia and South Africa being two examples.Now the two afore mentioned are AIDS ridden Third World Kleptocratic shitholes.
Ireland and various other hypocrites such as Sweden can now enjoy the fruits of their labours-a closer proximity to bestial savagery that because of your previous stance against 'racism' you are unable to defend yourselves against.Isn't life a bitch?

SAVANT said...

I'd agree up to a point, but dont think we were hypocritical all along. The West had a picture of blacks being fucked and exploited by arrogant whites. We reacted accordingly.

The problem was more of distance/unfamiliarity rather than hypocricy

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Agreed Savant
Judging by my experience in the UK a year ago, many whites still hold that view to this day.
Regrettably they have no idea of the damage they cause - viz. Zimbabwe and eventually SA.

Anonymous said...

Casement's exposure of the horrors that were being perpetuated in the Belgium Congo is something for the Irish to be proud of.

Similarly, the anti-slavery campaign in the UK also reflects well on the Brits.

I doubt if UK or Irish kids are taught much about this in school. Blacks like to believe that they won their freedom.


Viking said...

which view, Albeus?

I feel like we in Europe were lied to, and not being 'hypocritical'.
Even in university, I remember hearing how the white 'plantation owners' deserved what they were getting in Zim after 2000. We didn't know how many black people were being driven off the land, or how the people who took the farms did fuck all with it and let their "own" people starve to death.
most educated black Zims I've met readily admit they need the whiteys back again - seems people would rather have food than the vote, given the choice ....

NiviusVir said...

This is just simply more pathetically absurd bullshit. Tensions and anger over such foolishness are beginning to culminate.

People, aside from defense attorneys, that would even attempt to defend such an obviously negligent and guilty piece of shit, talk as if they have had a fucking tree fall on them.

Anonymous said...

All of these comments are mainly true. Problem is, the nonsense is there and getting worse by the day. It'll only be worse under the Obamanation.

Anonymous said...

Ethnics ALWAYS play the race card when caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Johan Potgieter

Anonymous said...

love your blog Savant, I am a retired Chicago police officer 8 yrs gone off the job and I can identify what Ireland is now going through, the change of nice residential areas into over night slums, the give me people cause ise bes black. the violent crime etc etc etc,the liberals wanted this to happen and then went back to northside of city in their half a million dollar homes and said yes I contributed to my fellow man. bullshit. this guy we know have that the Libs put in would be a great public relations man or a car salesman but not a president not that i dislike Socialists, but all in all keep up the great blog and keep giving out the truth,

Anonymous said...

A Time to Kill

Samuel L. Jackson's daughter is raped and beaten by two white guys who are almost immediately arrested. (A bizarre crime which only exists in Hollywood scripts?) Samuel L. Jackson doesn't trust any form of justice that he doesn't get to dish out personally and is worried the men won't be found guilty.
Tonya's understandably distraught and enraged father, Carl Lee Hailey, remembers a case from a year ago, when four white men raped an African-American girl in a nearby town, and got acquitted.

(A bizarre crime and acceptance of such which only exists in Hollywood scripts?)
Instead of waiting to find out whether that's true, Samuel L. Jackson shoots them both dead right in the courthouse, because he's Samuel L. fucking Jackson.

Read more: The 5 Most Wildly Illegal Court Rulings in Movie History |

Instead he urges the jury to see the crime from Jackson's point of view, to imagine that it was a white girl who had been attacked, and to imagine what they would do if it had been their daughter. (100 white daughters a day are raped. FACT.) Because as we all know, rape is OK unless the victim is from your same race.

(Well done script writers!) (Rape is also ok when judged not to be rape-rape by leading criminal law expert Whoopi Goldberg. Besides Polanski's victim was only a honky. Who had been plied with champagne and quaaludes so she would not remmeber much if anything.)

Hey, how was Jackson to know that firing that M-16 in a crowded room would have consequences other than the ones he intended. (He learned how to handle a gun from Hollywood movies!)

What makes it worse is that when Jackson killed the two rapists, he also accidentally shot a deputy who was escorting the two men -- the guy even needs his leg amputated. But hey, maybe he wasn't using that leg.

Basically, the court just rules that revenge is OK as long as racial grievance is involved. Doesn't that mean the deputy should have gotten to shoot Jackson in the leg too, or at least punched him in the face? You know, for justice.

Factual errors: Carl Lee Hailey uses a full auto Colt M16 to kill his daughter's rapists. Assuming Hailey owned the gun legally, it is highly unlikely that a border line poverty family would own a $15,000 gun. Class 3 weapons cannot be used for "self defense" under any circumstances. Assuming Hailey did not own the gun legally he would be facing a mandatory 15 years in federal prison and $250,000 fine for possession of an unregistered Class 3 weapon.

Factual errors: SPOILER: In real life, Carl would have been tried separately for wounding the police officer, even if the officer did not press charges.

7.1 from imdb for this crock?

Only thing they did get right was the sense of entitlement that "whitey's law" duz nod applie 2 da blak man.

SAVANT said...

Jesus - white on black rape is almost unknown. The statistics are so low that it comes up as zero on most analyses. Yet they make a whole movie out of this. I feel like giving up.

Anonymous said...

Teenage rapper who threatened to kill a mother and two children 'spared jail so he can pursue music career'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Read more: <a href=">Free to record his hit Stinky Britches</a>