Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Burning Bridges

Ever heard of Bridges TV? No? Well, you will soon, I'd say. The station, based in Buffalo NY, was set up about four years ago by Pakistani-American Muzzammil ("Mo") S. Hassan. He says he chose the station’s name because its purpose is "to build bridges of friendship and understanding." His primary objective, apparently was “to show ordinary Americans what ordinary Muslims are like”.

Well, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, because he’s just been charged with the decapitation of his wife (she had just filed for divorce). There was also a history of domestic violence, and the victim’s sister said she had ‘lived in fear of her life’ since the filing.

So yes, Americans now hopefully will have a much better understanding of Muslim domestic life after this. The picture would be complete were there a financial scam, an essential component of any Muslim commercial venture.

But wait! Here’s what a former employee of the station (who, tellingly, asked not to be named, CNN indicates, "for fear of retribution") has to say:

"Muzzammil Hassan put that money in his personal pocket and moved into a huge property with stables and horses. Nobody was there to question that how much money was spent on the actual project and how much was spent on his new but lavish lifestyle. None of our organizations bothered to look into it and inform their members of any concerns".

So the picture is complete. Objective achieved. Pity about the wife, but this well-educated Westernised woman must have known the risks associated with marrying a Muslim.

And there's an added benefit. The Feminazis, hitherto captive to their cultural equivalence theology have come storming in: Marcia Pappas, New York State president of the National Organization for Women: "This was apparently a terroristic version of honor killing, a murder rooted in cultural notions about women's subordination to men. … Too many Muslim men are using their religious beliefs to justify violence against women."

Oh boy - maybe there is hope after all.


Obama sin laden said...

This is one Muslim entrepreneur, who, definitely knew how to get a-head in life!

Kilbarry1 said...

The following is a comment by RobW on Daniel Pipes Blog
The main article by Pipes is about the murder of Aasiya Z. Hassan

Feb 19, 2009 15:14

After spending 16 years in the middle east - I've noticed clear and convincing evidence of a widespread emotional dysfunction here. When a mature modern Western man reaches his thirties - he's long left behind his buddies - and his irrational concerns of what they may think of him. His normal development is to cherish his wife above all things - not his standing with his friends. Not in the Islamic world.

The adult male - at any age - is acutely concerned with his standing with his buddies and labors tirelessly to maintain it. Muslim men spend most of their time preening their reputations carefully for their peers to see - but how their wive's see them is rarely of any consequence.

Even at weddings - the groom celebrates with his friends. The bride celebrates with hers. Separately. Even this most intimate occasion is an exercise in stunted social development. Middle Eastern men are basically big children - who just cannot tolerate any rejection from their peers - and an independent wife is a slap in the face to him. And a wife who files for divorce utterly decimates her husband's infantile world. So its understandable - if you can use such a word in this case - that a seemingly well adjusted adult man would suddenly behave like a monster - when his wife does anything to reduce his hard won social standing.


Anonymous said...

This is my experience of the Middle East as well. I knew two people in a bank who had fallen out because one of them had found out the NAME of the other's wife.