Friday, 13 February 2009

Are they coming for me?

As you've probably noticed, I'm using the FEEDJIT traffic analyser, and it provides interesting input. However, one reader (from China, of all places) arrived on the site by way of the following search

Any of you freedom-lovers out there know of the significance of this string? I've followed through on the link itself but it's not clear what the significance is.


eh said...

South Africa Sucks Blog yanked by Google 11-12-08

It does happen.

Google is not the most morally courageous organization going.

eh said...

For all those who think South Africa just might suck, and the curiosity to see if they are right, no matter what Google thinks.

Anonymous said...

They are on you Savant, beware.


NiviusVir said...

That is why we have to unify. We have to spread the word together, for the sake of our "free speech."
Support each other.

We have to function like them, as wolves. We should run in packs.

And regarding South Africa, if some of the whites really realized what is transpiring there, and what has already occurred to white people, it might start to sink in.