Sunday, 18 January 2009

A telling progression...

This montage traces the growth of Israel and the decline of Palestinian lands in four stages since 1947. It's simplistic and obviously doesn't address a whole range of contributing factors. Still, it doesn't make life easy for those of us anxious for Israel to live in peace with its neighbours, does it?

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Joe O'Neill said...

What it doesn't say is that in that time .Israel has had to absorb more than a million jewish refugees from Arab lands.These refugees have been fully absorbed into Israeli society, unlike Palestinian refugees whose neighbours refuse to absorb into their general population, instead even now three or four generations later they have been kept in camps.This demographic shift in the region is a fact that cannot be ignored.Also the wars raged by Israel's neighbours against her make the return of lands from which attacks have been launched a bit of a no brainer, only a fool would for instance allow Syria to re-occupy the Golan heights.Remember, when the Israelis conquered Palestian lands they were not an independent country but part of Egypt and Jordan.Those two countries have made it quite clear that they do NOT want them back.
It is very easy to blame but not so easy to solve.I think that Egypt and Jordan should be forced to take them back.

Anonymous said...

Not to put a damper on the situation, but there never was a Palestine, before 1947 it was the Mandate of Palestine, this was League of Nations Mandate given to the Brtish to Administer (the French got bits like Syria to look after).

Both the British and French Mandates were basically what was left after the Ottoman Empire after the First World War. The British Mandate imcopassed many countries including modern day Jordan, bascially Palestinians at this stage included Arabs, Christians, Jews, you name it.

My Auntie Sima who died recently was born there when it was the Mandate. She met my Uncle who was stationed there as part of the Palestine police (a final resting place for alot of old soldiers and former RIC officers among other things).

Right or Wrongly what the Israelis and Palestinians are doing I would at least appreciate people get the part about what existed pre 1947 right.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you explain it away like the 2 previous posters, fact is, Israel has almost trebled its size in that time and continues to settle the west bank.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Arabs have all the land from Morrocco south to Niger Via Mauritania then four thousand kilometres Eastwards through Tunisia, Libya,Chad,Sudan,Egypt all of the countries in the Arabian peninsula (Jordan,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Oman and the Gulf States) as far North as Turkey and you are telling us that they cannot absorb a million donkey shaggers from Israel ?.Lets get real and tell a few home truths like where was the MSM three weeks ago when a group of Christian Arabs waiting to cross into Israel to visit the holy land were hit INSIDE GAZA by HAMAS Rocket fire ?

Anonymous said...

On the day that Israel was born in 1948, she was attacked by all her Arab neighbours, Israel WON the war and kept hold of a bit of the territory of her attackers.In 1956 Israel France and the UK went to war against Egypt because Egypt nationalised the suez canal without compensation, Israel gained a lot of new territory but handed most of it back.In 1967 All of Israel arab neighbours planned to wipe Israel off the map again Israel WON the war, and then the shit really started, Egypt did not want to take back control of Gaza which was now seperated from the rest of palestinian land and Israel did not want to give back the west bank because they believed it was their ancient jewish homeland.In 1973 the Arab nations again struck at Israel on a public Holy day ( Yom Kippur) The Egyptians advanced through Gaza into Israel and allmost won the war but the Israelis recovered from the surprise attack and counter attacked conquering all of the Sinaii and even crossing the NIle and threatening Cairo.The egyptians sued for peace and the Israelis left the Sinaii in return for the egytians agreeing to guard the Gaza border.Quo Vadis ?

Anonymous said...

It's completely unreasonable to expect Israel to hand back land that was won in warfare withoyt some form of guarantee that it wont be used against them.

See what happened in Gaza after they pulled out.


Jack The Ripper said...

Just look at how the tenacious Israeli people took a barren desert and built an oasis. These hard working and great people
are an inspiration to the rest of the world The majority in Arab world,who are hell bent on destroying Israel at any cost to themselves have gone from being a civilization of builders, explorers, poets to a sad rabble bunch of haters and war mongers. ..... I STAND WITH ISRAEL

Anonymous said...

Jack the Ripper, You describe Israel in exactly the same way as what happened in settling and develping Rhodesia and South Africa and we can see what happened there. The only real difference is the media reports come with a different slant very much in favour of the 'poor Jews' as opposed to the 'evil whites'. Just wondering if you stood with Rhodesia, SA, when they were thrown into turmoil, or did you side with the media?

Tasha said...

let israel live without money from the US

Jack The Ripper said...

Anonymous ???? Please expalin what your comment is refering to as regards to South Africa and Rhodesia as "we can see what happened there" WHAT HAPPEND?


Anonymous said...

no mater what way you look at it, the comparison between pics 1 and 4 is damning

Cyd the Kid said...

STAND WITH ISRAEL thanks. Israel can stand alone, thanks to the hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars of support from the US. Time they get off our backs.

As for Rhodesia and SA, the previous poster rightly made the point that White rule in those countries was attacked by Jews and the media as evil. Not so much so with Israel's genocide of Palestinians. A bit of a double standard, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Cyd the Kid, spot on, you read my mind!

Anonymous said...

Look - Israel pulled out of Gaza and gave the whole thing back. What did they get? A non-stop barrage of rockets. why the hell should they give any more back when that's also going to happen???


Anonymous said...

British Palestine had been promised to the Jews. However, it was split into two with the Arabs getting 77% which became Jordan which left only 23% West of the Jordan River. The UN Partition Plan then proposed for this 23% to be split into 2 - 42% for the Arabs and 56% for the Jews.
The area designated as a Jewish state as over 75% desert; it had a population of 498,000 Jews and 325,000 Arabs. The proposed Arab state area had 807,000 Arab inhabitants and 10,000 Jewish inhabitants. The international trusteeship regime in Jerusalem would have a population of 100,000 Jews and 105,000 Arabs.
The Jews accepted the plan but the Arabs rejected it. Consider also that Arabs had flocked into Mandate Palestine from all over as the Brits were providing jobs in infrastructure, roads, building Haifa port, administrative buildings, homes and many other projects - labour was needed. Therefore, many, many Arabs werent native to the area. Also consider the fact that Israel has many Arab towns and villages with Arabs being 20% of the population.
After the Arabs rejected the UN Partition Plan and Israel declared independence, Arab leaders called for Arabs in Israel to evacuate as they planned to attack Israel. Hundreds of thousands fled to neighbouring lands and the Arab armies invaded but Israel won this war of Independence.
For more information see


Anonymous said...

The "propaganda map" pictured gives the false impression that all white areas are inhabited by Jews. This is not the case. Within Israel itself are cities populated by both Jews and Arabs, such as Haifa, Jaffa, Accre, Lod, Ramle, as well as numerous Arab towns and villages.
List of Arab localities in Israel
From Wikipedia

The list of Arab localities in Israel includes all population centers with a 50% or higher Arab population in the State of Israel. The city of Acre has an Arab minority of 45% and both Lod and Ramla have Arab populations of 20%.

Center District
The majority of the Center District's Arab population live along or near the Green Line which separates Israel from the West Bank in an area known as the triangle. The largest city is Tayibe with a population of approximately 33,000. In addition, there are approximately 25,000 Arabs inhabitants in the Jaffa area of Tel Aviv-Yafo, comprising 6.8% of the city's total population.

Jaljulia: 8,000 (2006)
Kafr Bara: 2,600 (2005)
Kafr Qasim: 18,100 (2007)
Qalansawe: 18,900 (2008)
Tayibe: 34,800 (2007)
Tira: 21,500 (2007)
Zemer: 5,300 (2007)[1]

Jerusalem District
The Arab populations of the Jerusalem District are primarily concentrated in East Jerusalem, however there are 4 other towns that still exist within the district's jurisdiction. Abu Ghosh is the largest of them.

Abu Ghosh
Beit Jamal
Ein Naqquba
Ein Rafa

East Jerusalem
East Jerusalem was annexed by Israel after its victory over Jordan during the Six-Day War in 1967. It was joined with the western part of Jerusalem, along with several surrounding Palestinian towns and villages. Today, Arabs constitute 55% of East Jerusalem and 33% of Jerusalem as a whole. The following are the primarily Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

Abu Tor
Beit Hanina (al-Jadid or Eastern portion)†
Beit Safafa
Jabal Mukabar
Old City (Armenian, Muslim & Christian Quarters)†
Ras al-Amud
Sheikh Jarrah
Sur Baher
Umm Tuba
Wadi al-Joz

South District
The South District's Arab population lives primarily in the northwestern Negev or Naqab Desert and is entirely composed of Bedouins. Several Arab towns in the area are not formally recognized by the government and those particular towns do not receive most of the basic utilities that is required for a town or city in the state. The largest locality is the city of Rahat.

Abu Qrenat
Ar'arat an-Naqab
Bir Hadaj
Qasr al-Sir
Shaqib al-Salam
Tirabin al-Sana
Tel as-Sabi
Umm Batin

Haifa District
Most Arabs of the Haifa District live in the Wadi Ara region that straddles along the northwestern border of the West Bank. There is a substantial Druze population in the Carmel region and in the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood of Haifa. Umm al-Fahm is the largest Arab locality of the district.

Carmel City[5]
Ein Ibrahim
Ein Hawd
Jisr az-Zarqa
Kafr Qara
Ma'ale Iron[6]
Sheik Bureik
Umm al-Fahm
Umm al-Qutuf
Wadi Nisnas, Halisa and Abbas (Haifa neighborhoods)

North District
Arabs make up 52% of the North District's population, making it Israel's only district with an Arab majority. 46% of the entire Israeli-Arab population live in this district. Nazareth is the largest locality with a population of approximately 65,000.

Abu Sinan
Arab al-Aramshe
Arab al-Subeih
Arab al-Na'im
Basmat Tab'un
Beit Jann
Bir al-Maksur
Bu'eine Nujeidat[7]
Deir Hanna
Ein al-Asad
Ein Mahil
Kafr Kanna†
Kafr Manda
Kafr Misr
Kafr Yasif†
Kaukab Abu al-Hija
Kfar Kama[11]
Manshiya Zabda
Ras al-Ein
Rumat al-Heib
Sheikh Danun
Shibli-Umm al-Janam[14]
Suweid Hamira
Yafa an-Naseriyye†

Golan Heights
The Golan Heights was captured in 1967 during the Six-Day War. As a result, hundreds of villages were abandoned probably by fear of attack, however no residents were forcibly expelled. Four Arab towns remain today. It was officially annexed by Israel in 1981 although the United Nations does not recognize the territory as Israel's. Israel governs the Golan Heights as a part of the North District

Ein Qiniyye
Majdal Shams

† Some of the Inhabitants are Christian Arab

^ The result of a merger of the Arab villages of Yamma, Bir as-Sikka, Ibtan and Marja)
^ Result of a merger between Ar'ara and 'Ara
^ Result of a merger between Baqa al-Gharbiyye and Jatt
^ Result of a merger between Barta'a, Ein as-Sahala and Mu'awiya
^ Result of a merger between the Druze localities Daliyat al-Karmel and Isfiya
^ Result of the merger of the Arab villages of Bayada, Musmus, Salim, Musheirifa and Zalafa
^ Result of a merger between the town of Bu'eine and the Bedouin village of Nujeidat
^ Result of a merger between the Arab towns of Jadeidi and Makr
^ Result of a merger between Ka'abiyye, Tabash and Hajajre
^ Result of a merger between the Bedouin villages of Kamanneh East and Kamanneh West
^ a b Entire population is made of Circassians, but are considered Arabs
^ Result of a merger between Arab villages of Kisra and Kafr Sumei
^ Result of a merger between Majd al-Krum, Deir al-Asad and Bi'ina
^ Result of a merger between Bedouin villages of Arab ash-Shibli and Umm al-Ghannam
^ Result of a merger between the Jewish town of Ma'alot and the Arab town of Tarshiha
^ Result of a merger between Bedouin villages of Tuba and az-Zangariyya
^ Result of a merger between Yanuh and Jat


RonL said...

What is telling about it exactly?
If you are going to start with "Palestine" and modern Jewish re-occupation of Israel, then start with 1922. Show 3/4 of "Palestine" set aside as an exclusively Muslim territory (Transjordan, now Jordan) with the Jews living there expelled.
Show the influx of Arabs and Muslims (Circassians Bosnians and Turks) taht was greater than Jewish migration from 1890 to 1946.
In fact, why start with 1946 at all, when you could begin with the Muslim invasions of what was until 617CE a plurality Jewish and Samaritan Byzantine occupied province.

And speaking of images, the title "A White Growing Cancer" is telling of the Fannonite/Third Worldist cant unbecoming of a conservative. If colonization (although in this case return) is evil, then please justify America, Canada, Australia and New Zeeland.
Are you a hypocrite driven by religious anti-Zionism, or merely some poisoned by grievances against Neocons into hating Israel and undermining the West?

IsraeliEejit said...


Imagine a fast-forward into the future:
In about 200 years, the Islamic Revolution of Europe has succeeded. Their high birth-rates guarantee their majority and Europe as we know it is swallowed up. Any remaining infidels are forced to convert, face death (according to the Qoran) or run for their lives.
They flee for Australasia and Americas.
Fast-forward a millenium:
The Europeans forge a notion of a return to their rightful homeland. They call it Lionism. They start spreading the idea among themselves, have meetings, collect money in little blue tins to buy land.
Eventually they start buying land and slowly begin their return. They cultivate land, plant crops, build communities.
For the Zionists, the rest is history. For the Lionists, who knows?

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem with the maps: you are comparing apples to oranges.

In the first map, white is actually owned by the Jews, and everything else goes to the Arabs by default.

In the last map, green is actually owned by the Arabs, and the default now goes to the Arabs.

Half the country is Negev. It is almost empty now and was just about completely empty in 1948. So why is it marked as Arab land in 1948?!

Also, the controlling international law, the only legally binding international law is the League of Nations Mandate. All the other UN resolutions are RECOMMENDATIONS of the UN under Article 6 that purposely do not carry the power of Article 7 resolutions.

The Mandate system is what gave almost all the 20th century's new nations independence.

The Arabs got the land east of the river Jordan. The Jews got the land west of the river. The Mandate called for the establishment of "close Jewish settlement" of all the land west of Jordan, including the West Bank. It called for the establishment of a Zionist government there.

And the funny thing is that originally the local Arab leaders actually accepted it. There are pictures of Zionists and Arab nationalists shaking hands and otherwise being friendly. One major local Arab leader (probably the most prominent one in 1920, though they didn't have any kind of an organization) publicly said that Palestinians welcome Zionist immigration. Again, this is widely reported and you can find proof of it by Googling it. By proof I don't mean blogs, I mean contemporary records.

The Arabs were happy to get 77% of Palestine that was east of the river. Except for one guy, Arafat's uncle who was an open Nazi. The man spent the 1940s in Germany and went so far as to organize 3 Muslim Nazi SS divisions.

It was this Arab Nazi (I am not name-calling here, he himself agreed to being one, as do all historians) named Hajj Amin al-Husseini who began agitating the situation and arguing that Jews should never be allowed to have a state.

The man had enormous influence in the Middle East by the 1930s and 40s, and even staged a pro-German revolt in Iraq in 1941.

So when you say that Jews took this and Jews took that, remember: the only law - not recommendation, but law - is that Jews get everything west of Jordan and the state of Jordan is the Palestinian state. At the time when the Mandate was passed, the local Arab leaders accepted it.

The Mandate for Palestine is available on the United Nations web site, as well as on thousands of others sites in case you want to review it yourself.

SAVANT said...

anonymous 6.44. This is a very informative comment and I'll issue it as a separate post. For me I found it convincling.

Rachamim Slonim Dwek said...

The map is asinine. It assumes that all land not privately owned by Jews was owned by Palestinians. In reality neither demographic owned much land. Private property did not even exist until the late-1870s after being legalised on paper in 1858 as part of the Tanzimat. The map is emptyheaded propaganda.