Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More gypsies tramps and thieves

My post 'Gypsies, tramps and thieves' has drawn a comment from what's clearly an American female gypsy. Here's what she has to say:

"It saddens me to see voice given to bigots like this blogger, and also to the book he is peddling, written by Dennis Marlock.Incidentally, I was led to this obscene blog link by one of Mr. Marlock's book links. Dennis Marlock is the owner of a website that degrades and defames one specific ethnic group (Rom) over all others, under the color of authority and the guise of crime and fraud prevention.It is unlawful to discriminate based on ethnicity.

The Romani people are such an ethnic group. They are a Micro-minority among other ethnic groups.The word Gypsy is considered derogatory, especially in the defamatory context that Mr. Marlock utilizes it in. He specifically, repeatedly targets the Romany people for degradation and defamation in all his writings and crime / fraud prevention speeches.

On his fraud prevention website alone, he mentions GYPSIES in regard to being responsible for crime over 95 times. Roma 16 times, yet all other ethnic, racial and organized crime groups, including the MAFIA, less than 5 times each.The fact is; US crime statistics show that the Romany people are responsible for over all crime in such a minuscule percentages that they can't be assigned a classification or numerical value.

Everything Mr. Marlock touches and creates is filled with neo-Nazi ideology and sentiment. Most of his Internet book listings lead back to various other Romani themed Hate sites, like this one.If I were to apply Mr. Marlock's formula for stereotyping, then I could point out that he hails from and originates in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the second most active state in the country for neo-Nazi (NSM) activity and membership.

I could therefore suspect that Dennis Marlock is a stealth white supremacist who utilizes and exploits the criminal justice system to further his own neo - Nazi agenda.I find it particularly disturbing that Mr. Marlock has been in a position of power as a police officer. I shudder to think of what racist discrimination he may have been a party to, under the color of authority, during his employment with the Milwaukee police department.

This type of outrageous inciting and targeting (under the color of authority) is what leads to ethnic cleansing, pogroms, holocausts and genocide. As in the Nazi regime, once the Gypsy is socially acceptable for ethnic cleansing - genocide is next.It is hard enough to come to a new country and try to blend in and make it without this sort of hatred hobbling all honest attempts to adapt to a host social environment.

It has taken most Romani families close to 3 generations to recover from the holocaust, as well as adapt to a changing world. Just like the earlier immigrant groups, they come here because for the Romani people it is near to impossible to get past the stigma, blatant defamation and unhindred discrimination they are subjected to in Europe.Case in point ... this hate and venom spewing blogger. This is the very ethnic cleansing inciting crap some Europeans feel at liberty to spew forth about the Romani people. And nobody seems to object or do anything about it.

Like most other immigrants coming to America most Romani people lack education and language skills and thus are forced to work as criminals servants within American society. Like most other immigrants Romani immigrants adapt and raise their families by means of hard, back breaking and HONEST work.I know this response will never see the light of day. Just as on Mr. Marlock's website ... this blogger is probably too cowardly to offer a forum for discussion to his racist spews. But at least I have had my say."

Wow! What a powerful rejoinder! Did you see they way she systematically and in detail demolished each of the points I raised?

You didn’t?

Neither did I.

In fact she retreats to the one argument you wheel out when you have no other to silence the opposition: The Nazis and the Holocaust, and strategically locate them on the ‘slippery slope’ to perdition. Note also the expert use of the PC attack vocabulary, ' hate', 'venom' 'spewing'. Straight from central casting.

The closest to a specific rebuttal relates to the fact that gypsies are not accorded their own crime category in US statistics. Well of course, as I'm sure is also the case with Zoroastrians and Dancing Dervishes - because their numbers are miniscule. Even if we make the not unreasonable assumption that every gypsy in the US is engaged in crime, their numbers there are so tiny (lucky US) that they’d still fail to register on the aggregated statistics.

And she concludes with yet another error, that "this blogger is probably too cowardly to offer a forum for discussion to his racist spews."

In fact I’m always happy to present contrary views, especially when, like this, they underline the vacuity of those same views.


Anonymous said...

Very true! A great read.

Anonymous said...

Also, if someone doesn't like Gypsies, is that not up to them? Ofcourse it's getting to the stage where we are blatantly told what we can and can't dislike, generally, by the people who are disliked, i.e Marxists, Black Power advocates (Oprah, etc), Zionists, brain-washed Whitey hating Liberals, et al. I personally would not want a festering Gypsey camp near where I live. What may or may not have happened to them during WW2 is of absolutely no concern whatever to me. It's time to say enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

This lady and gypsies generally never seem to wonder why they're hated so much. All out of step except my Johnny

Anonymous said...

there has just been a programme about the UK's most prolific crime family. They are 'Travellers'.


Anonymous said...

I lived in NYC for 15 years, and in all that time I only met one gypsy, the girlfriend of an acquaintance, who stole his stuff when the relationship ended. That's the only gypsy I've ever met in my whole life, even though I've lived in several U.S. cities. I'm not prejudiced against them, since I've only met one, who happened to be a thief.

Anonymous said...

In agreement with the last 2 comments, I worked in Prague for 2 years and the working assumption of everyone there was that being a gypsy by definition meant being a thief.

Viking said...

I think most of us normal people consider them to be more like a 'lifestyle' than a minority ethnic group.. and as a result have little or no sympathy when they act like parasites and beg and steal from everybody.
I find being called a 'settled person' highly offensive lol

Anonymous said...

"I lived in NYC for 15 years, and in all that time I only met one gypsy, the girlfriend of an acquaintance, who stole his stuff when the relationship ended."
Isn't that normal behaviour for many American women? In a sense the young lady is to be admired for her self-reliance; on her own initiative she's achieved what most women rely on the courts to do.

On the subject in general, I wish people would display more cultural sensitivity and desist from conflating Gypos and Knackers. These peoples are two entirely different threads in the underclass cultural tapestry linked only by their inherent criminality

Anonymous said...

Most of us are seasoned sceptics and very capable of evaluating critically whether generalisations about Gypsies, or anybody else, are likely to be true or false.
But if the exercise of free speech on this blog 'saddens' American Gypo...my message is 'stop reading, but do despair' because the Savant is actually very popular.

Anonymous said...

I think you're worng to say that being a gypsy is a lifestyle choice. They, based on Savant's article, quite a disctinct racial and ethnic group. Having said that, if theywanted to become normal honest mambers of society I'd say theres nothing stopping them.


Anonymous said...

Is there any statistical documentation on the percentage of Roma who work steady "straight" jobs?

Ive an old European friend who told me that gypsies were major-league pick-pockets throughout Europe and trained their kids to do so, and to keep your money in your front pocket in train stations, underground metro stations, and crowds in Europe. She also told me to be very wary if anybody "bumped into you" in a crowd or if a fight was happening nearby (might be staged as a detraction).

Here in America, we have a group known as the "Irish Travellers" who are gypsy-esque. They used to travel across the South willing to do repair work (paint your house, etc) at below-market prices. They'd use the "give us money to go buy the wood, paint, materials" scam and be gone. If they had to paint, they'd use watered-down cheap paint, slather on one coat, and the job would look awful in less than two years. If one had equipment, etc in their garage while they were "on the job" it usually turned up missing. You dont hear of these folks much anymore though.

If I had to guess, they probably are invovled in ID-theft, internet password theft, and other assorted scams, etc. Some have assuredly "went straight" by now though.

In our enroaching police state, its going to be getting harder and harder to get away with crime. Road cameras are everywhere, you are printed and have to submit DNA samples if arrested (not convicted) for certain infractions, computer data-bases keep your record forever, drug testing for job applications. Its hard to live the life here now.

SAVANT said...

Even though Irish Travellers have no ethnic ocnnection to gypsies, they have exactly the same approach to life. Live by thieving and scamming.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

I'll still be happy to swop them for our lot... :-)