Thursday, 29 January 2009

Michaelangelo's David returns to Italy from the US

Michaelangelo's David has been on exhibition in the US , sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks, McDonald's and Burger King, for the last two years.
The statue is now returning to Italy.


Anonymous said...

LOL -----I walked right into that one man. I scrolled down right after I read the script.

Hey........Ive lost some "good" weight recently by not eating bread and pasta. I found out that I have celiac disease (was making life pretty misearable), and it means I cant have food that contains gluten therein. Ive went from 217 to 208. Im pretty muscular, but was getting that middle-age bulge in the middle. I hate cardio as much as the next guy. Its working. I used to have six-pack abs at a bodyweight of 190. Who knows, maybe my old ass can get back down there again, but that has been some years ago now.

I feel a hell of a lot better off gluten. My symptoms were making life miserable (diarreaha--sometimes with blood, achy joints, headaches, tingling sensations in my arms and legs, chronic fatigue). Its all gone now.
Over here in America, you get used to seeing obesity. Its everywhere. Our kids have it. High Fructose Corn Syrup is used to sweeten EVERYTHING because its part of the corn subsidy and its cheap, even though tests show it ages rodents quicker and has a host of negative side effects. Throw in our fast-food-ultra-high-carb diet, communting an hour a day, and voila'........big people

SAVANT said...

Yes, weight can be determined by mahy factors, with exercise and eating being only two. I've retailed my splendid physique despite a poor performace in these areas.

Anonymous said...

I wish my cock was that big.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate if my cock was that small!