Sunday, 4 January 2009

Ireland's Zimbabwe-like conditions

The front page of yesterday’s Irish Examiner carried a photo that should chill (sorry for the pun) our blood. This photo is not available on the paper’s web site, but the related report says:

"UPWARDS of 50 parents braved freezing temperatures in Tralee last night as they queued in a bid to ensure their children got places in one of the town’s second-level schools. Enrolment forms for Mercy Mounthawk secondary school will not be issued until next Wednesday, but parents were last night settling in for a five-night queue in the school grounds — regardless of the chilly weather."

Tralee is a town of about 20,000 souls, in the nether regions of Western Ireland. I said the following in an earlier post:

"I am reassured by the results of a survey on immigrants in Tralee, published today in the Irish Times. It seems 41% of the of the 'more than 3,500 immigrants' intend to stay there permanently."

Adding whimsically: "3,500? mmm... that's about the same as the number unemployed in Tralee, according to the CSO. Could it be just 100 Nigerians registering 35 times each?"

Given those figures, is it any wonder at all that there are inadequate numbers of school places? Remember, the immigrant population of Tralee 20 years ago would have been virtually nil.

The interesting thing about the report, and of those in other papers, is that not one of them refers to the the size of the immigrant community in Tralee, or indeed the immigration issue at all in the context of creating this problem. Even the suffering parents didn’t mention it.

The PC Thought Police have us well under control, haven’t they?


Anonymous said...

what does 'Second-level' school mean? From 11 onwards?


Elwood McAfee said...

It's as if white people have decided to lie down and let the immigrant hordes ride over us on school busses.

Elwood McAfee said...

It's as if white people have decided to lie down and let the immigrant horde ride over us on school busses.

SAVANT said...

Jockney - that's about it, say 11 or 12 until 17 or 18.

Anonymous said...

"The PC Thought Police have us well under control, haven’t they?"

Well said - that says it all.

Niall said...

They are queuing because it's the best secondary school in Tralee. Some places are kept for children coming from one particular primary school, the rest (about 40 places) then are open places, hence the queues. There are other schools in Tralee but they're not as good as Mounthawk. The queues have fuck all to do with immigrants.

SAVANT said...

So you're claiming 2 things: First, that parents would queue in freez1ing weather for 5 nights just to get into a school that's somewhat better than an available alternative?

Second, that there's ready availability of secondary places in Tralee irrespective of the 3000 immigrants?

If both are true then I was worng. But I sure as hell dont believe thta they're true.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Tralee and would go part of the way with this Niall guy. There's not a real problem with immigrants at secondary level as of now, although they do add to the pressure somewhat.

HOWEVER..... there's a BIG problem at primary level both with place availability and problems with multiple languages - hence quality of education going down, remedial teachers etc.

So there WILL BE a major problem at secondary level within a few years when this probelms feed thru.

Niall said...

Yes, the parents are queueing for 5 nights in the cold to get their children into this school. I know one set of parents doing it as they want the best education they can get for their daughter. It has nothing to do with race or immigrants. The other local schools are simply not good enough.

As for your second point, I don't have the statistics regarding the availability of secondary school places in Tralee whether it includes immigrants or not. Then again I reckon you don't either. This has to do with places in the best school, not overall school places.

The simple fact is the parents are queueing overnight until Wednesday morning so as to ensure their children get the best possible second level education that is available to them locally.

Immigration has absolutely nothing to do with these parents queueing overnight.

SAVANT said...

You could be right Niall, but I find it hard to believe that 3500 immigrants appearing in the last 20 years haven't had an impact on school availability.