Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tails wagging dogs

So Israeli PM Tzipi Livni has been forced to call new elections following her failure to form a new coalition. The failure stemmed from obstructionism by the religious/settler parties (largely but not totally coterminous).

(Question: Has there ever been, anywhere, at any time, a situation where religious parties have been other than divisive, polarizing trouble-makers?).

So yet again the religious/settler tail is wagging the Israeli dog. Most Israelis would willingly forego the occupied territories and East Jerusalem in exchange for a truly reliable peace deal. But the tail, holding the balance of power, wags them into impotence.

Having created an unrepresentative government that bends to its will, the tail goes national, or should I say international. Because now, committed to defending the illegal occupation, the Israeli government itself becomes a tail, vigorously wagging the American dog.

The Israeli Lobby in the US makes sure that any politician expressing anything other than unqualified support for Israel will find his career ended. Arising from this you have the barely credible situation whereby senior politicians (e.g. Al Gore, Hilary Clinton) professing that Israel’s security is America’s number one foreign policy objective. Funny, I'd have thought that American security would have been, but that's what you get when tails wag dogs.

And by the way I specifically referred to the Israeli Lobby, not the Jewish Lobby. There’s no such thing as a Jewish Lobby or a Jewish Plot. American Jews are only marginally more supportive of Israel than are other Americans, but the clincher is this: you’ll get Jews on the opposite end of every spectrum, and at every point in between. The US is a prime example, with most Jews having liberal agendas, while the extreme rightwing Neocons are virtually all Jews. Conflating the two is a serious mistake.


Anonymous said...

No such thing as a Jewish Lobby? What bollocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Will Obama make a difference? No way.

Jim M.

Anonymous said...

Jews are behind every bloody movement in the World! How cannot you see this!!!

SAVANT said...

anonymous 12.52. Maybe you're right, but dont you see that this proves my point? Jews are at the forefront of a whole range of COMPETING organisations. Hence by definition, there can't be a Jewish plot.

And Jews reach the commanding heights because they're high IQ and have a great eye for the main chance.

Anonymous said...

"Jews are at the forefront of a whole range of COMPETING organisations. Hence by definition, there can't be a Jewish plot."

You sure now. This can be read to show that there is a plot: if you assume that they want to control both sides of any conflict.

SAVANT said...

anonymous 16.19. PULEEEZE!! Now you're really getting paranoid!