Thursday, 27 November 2008

A nation in shock: Update

As anyone who checked the link for the previous post found out, the post was true - well, the scam info was true, maybe the public reaction was a bit exaggerated!

Some great comments - well worth reading. I publish one below and another which states "with each passing day and year in this now defunct Republic understanding of how hitler came to power in Germany becomes more apparent."

So true. But the difference is that Hitler came to power without much control of the media, here the 'enemy' have total control.

Anyway, check this:

"Maybe we should not be so quick to simply lay all the blame on the asylum fraudsters alone! It takes two to tango. And boy there seems to be plenty of money freely flowing around the asylum scam. For Nigerians it provides them a comfortable escape, away from their own particular brutal kindred, as well as being handed a 95% winning chance in a jackpot for life.

Factually just 5% of the more blatant fraudsters are ever repatriated by our so called liberal authorities. Therefore 95% of all asylum fraudsters get to milk our “free give away programs” funded by befuddled and bewildered Irish Taxpayers. Such well practiced scammers as Nigerians must surely be tickled pink at the level of crass stupidity they find in their “Irish benefactors”.

The Nigerians as colonisers have for many years targeted Ireland as their No 1 global destination. And indeed who could blame them at this stage. Of course for their own part they will ensure in due course that as or new colonisers they will deliver for Dublin and other cities here what they have long inflicted upon their own native Lagos and Abuja.

The word hellholes and living nightmares would not even begin to describe them adequately. No doubt our asylum cash must be some of the softest money available in the world, something which of course would be particularly attractive for such well practiced con-artists as Nigerians i.e.- and without the usual necessity for a gun or machete! All things considered it’s probably far more rewarding to them than even their usual, but somewhat tarnished, 419 Scams.

But yet surely the real responsibility for this self inflicted disaster must sit fairly and squarely on the shoulders of our own most Pious and sanctimonious political leaders. For Nigerians to operate this particular scam and milk it dry all that's ever really needed is a primitive-sounding, hard luck story and everything else usually flows from there, like milk and honey. Even their “tallest yarns” can never really be checked!

Travelling the 5,000 Klms or so to claim their bonanza, is compensated for, as the Irish gombeen natives have been conditioned to fawn over them and welcome them as “New Irish”, a professional chorus led and orchestrated by such maniac “half-wits” as –“Kebabs” Lenihan, Philip Watt, Ivana Bacik, and a rather pathetic effeminate old windbag known as Norris.

In return whatever the Nigerian “New Irish” might have a fancy for, such as a house, (fully furnished), free medical care, education for kids, legal aid, special needs monies, home foods, community welfare officer, translations, Cars, mobile Telephones, Satellite TV., remember all are freely available on demand, courtesy of unwitting Irish taxpayers. And by golly do Nigerians demand their “rights” Eventually the door opens to them upon a more resplendent package of welfare allowances along with their acquisition of Irish passports with few questions asked, easily producing up to @ Euros 3000 per month or so for life.

Why should anybody want to work and pay taxes for a living, when they reach this island of milk and honey? Only 38% of Nigerians even toy with such ideasBy way of insurance should any of the natives who after all are forced to fund this barefaced scam even dare question such " bountiful generosity" at their expense, they can easily be intimidated and dismissed, simply by labelling them "Racists" "Nazis" or "Xenophobes"

How can any sane person at this stage hide from the fact that the lunatics have indeed taken over the running of the asylum (the one we still call Ireland). Sure you couldn’t even make it up!"


Jack The Ripper said...

This is just the start of things to come. We are on the slow slide to what england and africa is now.

Anonymous said...

Jack is too correct. Even oif we stopped immigration now, which we wont, they breed like rabbits so we're fucked anyway.

Anonymous said...

The best description of contemporary Nigerian cities is by Robert Kaplan. Hunt around and you'll find it.


SAVANT said...

Jockney - I already posted on this article here

It always surpised me that it doesnt feature among the most read posts.

Anonymous said...

Most people who think even a second come to the conclusion the author of the post did. Even I've commented in this blog on the same vein.

It's really not the Nigerians who are at fault. If you know anything about their country and culture, they are simply doing what they themselves would expect Nigerians to do. It's multicultural drivel and culture relativistic bullshit to claim otherwise. They don't see a state and government the same way we do. Nigerians are constantly scammed by their own "politicians" (read: scammers who scam themselves into a government position, and then rob everything they can for themselves and their extended family and village - the total opposite of what a government should be doing but hey, it's the African way of doing things).

So what does the white man in Europe do? Give money to the people who are lucky or wealthy enough make it here into EU soil, and invite the family over too. For free! Without any responsibilities or asking anything back! It must seem like magic. Especially when you come from Nigeria, where the concept of "state budget" does not exist. They don't even think they are stealing. They are just taking the money they can. The Nigerians laugh at us, of course.

It's not the stupid one who asks for it, the stupid one is the one who pays.

And ask yourself, if there was some magic place somewhere that would grant you anything from 20 to 40 times the amount of money you can make in your own country in a year, during a single MONTH, for doing NOTHING apart from filing some papers to some weird white-man office that gives money for free, would you go for it?

Especially if you had on and off tribal unrest, poor infrastructure and other scammers to spend time with back home, with no prospects for a secure life, much less with western material standards either?

The only thing we should be surprised about is that there aren't MORE economic refugees frauding the shit out of us with false asylum claims and bogus family reunifications.

No, if you create a system which gives money for doing nothing, someone will abuse it.

It does not matter if there are 400 million Africans who don't want our welfare benefits, by suckering us or otherwise. There's still 400 million more.

Again, if you create a system which someone can abuse to get money out of it, especially huge sums of money (remember to compare African wages to European welfare and wages), there will be more then enough people who will. It will be abused until there is no more money left to leech, or until the system is changed.

It's our own politicians, EU degrees and immigration laws that enable the damage, not any group of malicious Africans who seek to steal our benefits. They simply want to make cash, and in the Nigerian case, scamming stupid whiteys (or anyone else for that matter) is a completely valid and respected method of advancing your economic standing in the world.

SAVANT said...

I think you have it on the nail zngr. I especially like the bit "And ask yourself, if there was some magic place somewhere that would grant you anything from 20 to 40 times the amount of money you can make in your own country in a year, during a single MONTH, for doing NOTHING apart from filing some papers to some weird white-man office that gives money for free, would you go for it?

Of course we would. Which in turn puts the blame back where it really belongs.

Anonymous said...

Savant: of course I have it on the nail!

See, I'm smart. I can with inhuman intelligence observe my surroundings objectively and then calculate possible outcomes on the basis that...

Wait no-

Of course I'm not, it's just that when you distance yourself from any prejudices related to "racism" and other liberal hallucinations of victimhood, and think about how people and the world actually work you quickly come to find the truth about for example immigration. You don't need an IQ above 70 for that.

Unfortunately if you are either a main party politician slavering for votes or a "tolerant, nonjudgemental" person, especially university educated academic or working for the bureaucracy which still lives under a stalinist system of correct thought, you cannot think reasonably. You must "feel" your arguments and decide what is right or wrong based on the "feeling", probably warm and fuzzy, you get from "being on the right".

The general feeling is that Western people are wrong and everyone else is either right and/or a victim.

Therefore the layman can instantly figure out a system of economic abuse will be abused, but if you are "tolerant" you must automatically assume that only the Evil Whitey would scam social welfare and bullshit about asylum.

The noble savage of Somalia or Nigeria is unable to do this: he is always a victim, incapable of reasoning and thus not able to bullshit you, making his or her case Just. The Nigerian or the Somali is a child, or an idiot. They are below working the system since they are of a lower race and intelligence... Right.

Really, the worst racists are the victim industry advocates and multiculturalists who perceive everyone not white (or Western) a savage, uncultured "victim" who is unable to do wrong, unless the evil whitey forces them to. They reduce the Nigerian scammer and the Somalian pirate to the level of robots who only answer to evil colonialist repression, unable to make their own choices.

Not true. They are people just like you and me, and they take all the money they can and will fuck with you with all the intelligence you or me would in their situation.

I can't understand how the world has become so coloured (lol) by unjustified politically correct prejudice and blatant idiocy that spelling that out loud is even necessary. But it has.

I feel like whacking myself on the head with a baseball bat to end the pain, but fortunately I realize I'm not at fault here.

SAVANT said...

zngr - are you a native Finn? I ask because you write English as if it were your mother tongue

Anonymous said...

Savant: yep, I'm native.

We all watched Sky channel morning cartoons with He-Man and the Transformers on Saturday mornings when we were the size fire extinguishers. Also none of the movies and shows are dubbed, when you watch Star Wars 20 times on row you are forced to learn a word or two (and how to pronounce) when you are a child. Then there is school where it's mandatory.

Most Finns under 50 understand English well enough, and many talk fluently, getting better with each generation.

Immigrants fluent in English have a problem in Finland - when someone figures out they are not Finns they automatically change to English so people who want to learn Finnish almost never get to "spar" it with locals.

I remember an argument between some Americans, Norwegians and Finns coming to an end in the mid 90s when someone posted "hey guys, these people are from some small Scandinavian country nobody has ever heard of and type better English then ya'll do, what's that all about?"

SAVANT said...

It's amazing the y'll bother speaking Finnish at all, your English is so good!