Monday, 24 November 2008

Comments on IQ/genetics

Some useful and interesting comment material from Ben on my last post on superprick Bono.


Anonymous said...

The kenyan/irish or whatever he is should check these out.

Anonymous said...

The kenyan/irish or whatever he is should check these out.

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Off Subject:

Anyone know what happened to ""?.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Thought this may be a tad relevant to you folks up north.. :-)

I shall end on this note. I am an Englishman who left England in 1992, deeply disillusioned at the way in which my people, the salt of the earth and the finest race of men and women that has ever walked the face of this planet, was being sold into a slavery based upon salacious and hollow economic enticements and a perverse consumerist culture of cheap lies and instant gratification. I have watched from afar the moral and physical degeneration of a folk once destined to achieve everything that was theirs as of right, written in the stars from yonder the arrival of the first Celt on English soil.
I have seen my people despoiled by an influx of aliens who loathe and detest the essential beauty and incomparable creativity of the English and Celtic peoples, and I have witnessed the sharp intellectual and moral decline in my brothers and sisters whose place is at the top of the world, not at the bottom of a anti-human dung-pile of social and cultural filth.

Anonymous said...

I think detroitiscrap has been taken down by the Google Nazis. Having said that, the site was really nasty.


Anonymous said...

Albeus - this is so true. But we've been silenced more effectively than the Gestapo or KGB could ever have done.

Ben said...

"Comments on IQ/genetics"

Common critics of testing seem to refer to Stephen Jay Gould's 'Mismeasure of Man'. However, most of the technical journals were highly critical of this, although the media praised it. Snyderman & Rothman put out a book in 1988 "The IQ Controversy" documenting how the media tends to paint a very biased view of IQ testing. The authors found that the impression given by the media was quite divergent to what mainstream psychologists (they surveyed over 1000) actually think.

Gottfredson has a recent paper challenging the fallacies used against psychotmetric testing:

Another common challenge is the source of funding for research. However, this overlooks how difficult it has been to get funding for research that may suggest inherited differences. For instance, even Bouchard had enormous difficulty getting funding for his twin studies.

Rushton discusses one of the controversial organisations in this article on his faculty page:

Rushton, J. P. (2002). The Pioneer Fund and the scientific study of human differences. Albany Law Review, 66, 207-262.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Ben. As per the 1st commnet, I must direct kenyan/Irish to this material

Anonymous said...

The link you provided

doesnt seem to be valid.

Anonymous said...

IQ testing. The problem with IQ testing for multi-culti shitheads is that reality is at odds with "theory", that all people are the same, and that we are all the same under the skin; therefore we should all have the same IQ.

If IQ testing showed that blacks had the same IQ as whites, wouldn't the media love it? just love it! How dare reality be different from "theory"! Those who pull back the curtain must be punished! Watch out Toto!

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