Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The worst of them all..

On a number of accasions I've suggested that Somalis are the worst of all immigrants, combining as they do the worst qualities of Africa: tribalism, violence and povery, with the worst qualities of Islam: poverty, violence and tribalism.

We have the word of no less an authority than Hirsi Ali for that:

"As a child I was taught to suspect the stranger, to assume anybody will attack you, to fight for yourself since nobody else will, to support your own clan above anybody else's and see the others as the enemy. These are needed skills in Somali society."

Now we have this update from The Peninsula newspaper (Qatar). They quote a girl interviewed at a pirate's wedding in Garowe "Marrying a pirate is every girl's dream. He has power, money, immunity, the weapons to defend the tribe and the funds for the militias in civil war"

Lovely. The tens of thousands of them swarming into Sweden must provide an interesting experience for that society. However, they'd be fully at home in Limerick.


Anonymous said...

yes, but they have the most brittle bones , and are very distinguishable by the face and extreme thin-ness

SAVANT said...

anonymous says yes, but they have the most brittle bones , and are very distinguishable by the face and extreme thin-ness

What's the point here?

Anonymous said...

Somalis are responsibel for about 80% of violent crime in Sweden,


Anonymous said...

I can't understand why NATO dont blow every pirate ship out the water on sight.

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of Samalis in Calais right now waiting to come over here. A reporter who went into their camp was raped. They were all arrested - and then released onto the streets of Calais again. What a farce.

Up Pompey!

nogood said...

Every African hates the Somali

Just ask them, the NA and AF African's hate them.

Their African neighbors hate somali

everyone hates them, they just steal and scam

Anonymous said...

The South African blacks are still systematically killing them and looting their shops in the Cape....they seem to be cleverer than the mainly Xhosas who live there.

Anonymous said...

It seems that tens of thousands left Holland for BRitain a few years ago. Still here, I presume.

Anonymous said...

doodler, their definitly more cleverer than the SA blacks (this doesn't say a lot tho') and that's what makes them dangerus.

Zngr said...

The Somalis are very tribal and very clan oriented, they do not share almost any of the cultural traits that hold Western European countries together.

But don't think them as fools. They are clever, they'll get to know your system and they'll spread the word fast. How to shake down the welfare center? Which country takes refugees right now? What do you have to say at the immigration office? Where can you "apply for school" to get into EU soil?

They just don't seem to have a culture of trusting in a government or other groups, but they have a very strong culture of gaining every advantage possible from their hosts and the naive, foolish Westerners.

Sometimes they chew a little too much Khat though and lose the street smart edge they commonly display. For example I've been "robbed" by a young Somali man who decided to wrest some of the goods I, probably, gained by imperial exploitation and oppression, back to his race. His arrogance and swiftness of action when he decided to make his move was commendable, even though he was clearly under the influence of some non-traditional (at least in the West...) substances. However it took less then three seconds to re-acquire my goods, and after witnessing the following damage, his tribal friends decided it was better not to mix in and instead of defending their bro (Somalis usually swarm their targets and overcome them with numbers) carried him off to recover after apologies on his behalf... Maybe having a couple of, now perceptibly agitated, 6'2 feet white guys standing up close by also affected their following mode of operation.

(I do combat sports in my spare time, as a stress reliever)

kerdasi amaq said...

Here's a story from Gates of Vienna

Man’s life in danger — attacked by group

35-year-old man attacked by group of immigrants at Kokkedal Station — had spoken to foreign woman on the train

A 35-year-old man was in danger of losing his life after severe punishment at Kokkedal Station in Northern Zealand.

“The man arrived at Kokkedal by train. Witnesses on the train saw the man speaking to a foreign — probably Muslim — woman and that the woman, after the conversation, spoke on her phone in a language that the witnesses did not understand,” Ole Hestbæk from the police said to

“When the train arrived at Kokkedal the 35-year-old man and the woman got off the train — and witnesses saw the woman nodding towards the man while looking at a group of men waiting for her at the platform.”

This is war!

SAVANT said...

It is indeed war. And a war that we're losing.