Saturday, 4 October 2008

Well done, lads

Here’s a new one for my bulging ‘You Couldn’t Make This Up’ file. Some of you may remember school master Phillip Lawrence, who back in 1995 intervened to help a 13 year-old under attack from a knife- wielding thug. Learco Chindamo, for it was he, objected to this intervention, and stabbed Mr. Lawrence instead, killing him.
Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the splendid Learco is now walking the streets of Britain again thanks to his early release. This particular cultural enricher came to Britain from Italy, but is of Phillipino origins.
So why hasn’t he been deported? Well, in fairness, the courts thought about it, but declined as - now take hold of something solid here - ‘it would breach his right to a family life’. Pity poor Phillip Lawrence’s right to a family life didn’t get similar protection. And what a family! The Chindamos seem close, in that Learco is clearly a chip off the old block. Daddy (pictured below) is currently residing in Spain, serving a 25 year sentence for stabbing and bludgeoning a former girlfriend to death.

Learco has stated that he ‘doesn’t want to leave Britain’. And why should he? He’s now walking the streets, 28 years old, being provided with a financial allowance before he signs of for a college course, all at taxpayers’ expense. He has 24-hour police protection and it’s reported that he’s been given a car to ‘facilitate his rehabilitation’.Little surprise then that, according to one member of the public who saw him ‘swagger’ into a local restaurant, ‘there was an arrogance about him and he was very confident’.

And why wouldn’t he be? Back in the Philippines he’d be languishing in a ghastly prison cell for the rest of his unnatural life. In the UK he’s out and about, 28 years old, financed by the taxpayer as he chooses and trains for a new knife life. It all leads me increasingly to the conclusion that the European Convention on Human Rights provisions have evolved into the most pernicious and counter-productive pieces of legislation ever inflicted on us.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “The ECHR was drawn up 50 years ago in entirely different circumstances. We must now pull out of it and write our own laws to protect human rights for the majority". He says the UK should give six months’ notice that it will withdraw from the convention and announce that that any foreigners convicted of a terrorist or other serious offence will be deported to their home country at the end of their sentence.
Did you see that pig just fly past the window?


Anonymous said...

"Ripleys,Believe it or Not" should do an episode about those who make these insane decisions to harbor maniacs in any society.

Anonymous said...

The ECHR is certainly to blame, but the courts have or should have enogh discretion to get rid of this piece of scum.

Anonymous said...

It's not as simple as dropping out from the ECHR. There are a lot of other laws and agreements that reference it and build on it. Too late, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

Migration Watch has also proved that immigration as no economic value for the country at large - just for employers looking for cheap labour