Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Saints above!

Yesterday was a momentous occasion for this blog. We’ve had no less than a saint posting a comment on ‘IQ is the key’! The only downside is that St. Catherine, for it was she, is not pleased with your Savant. Not one little bit. Given that God is definitely on her side, I've taken the time out to respond, in a respectful way of course, to the main issues raised.

Now Catherine – may I call you Catherine? - you begin with a mistake. She asks ‘how can you spew such hurtful opinions based on discredited science?’ The idea that IQ research is discredited has assumed the status of urban legend. But it’s in fact totally wrong. I've cited the various sources, so let’s hear how they’ve been discredited, by whom, and when. And when I say discredited I don't mean a ‘ya boo racist, Nazi' name-calling.

She then makes gives another airing to the ‘Irish used to be the blacks in the UK’ excuse. ‘You know that the Irish are looked down on as stupid in the UK’

This is an important point and I've responded here. In essence my position is that England’s impression of the Irish was formed largely by our export of

a) Criminals (‘go to England or go to jail’)
b) Social welfare dependents with huge families traveling over to claim better benefits in the UK
c) Raw labourers unemployable in Ireland.

Not surprisingly they weren’t impressed, especially when we also took to periodically blowing them up. However, the Irish always had the capability of rising to the top there as we did elsewhere, and that's what we’ve done. The Brits don't look down on us now, which would be rather silly of them anyway given that Ireland now has a significantly higher per capita income than the UK.

Ok, I know and accept that there are very many intelligent, good, hard-working blacks. But there’s nowhere near enough of them. Fact is, as all available evidence conclusively demonstrates, blacks will bring vastly disproportionate increases in crime, violence, welfare dependency and all other forms of social malaise. It doesn’t mean you hate them to say this, it just means that they’re bad for any country.

Then Catherine concludes with…… my goodness, ‘I want to apologise (to African commentator) for this asshole’. Well, I never! Catherine, you’re a very naughty saint!

I'm going to tell God about this in my prayers tonight. That's the last time you'll call me an asshole.


Anonymous said...


the myth of the 'thick paddy' is long gone.


Anonymous said...

I think what St. Catherine seems incapable of understanding is that the
discussion of IQ is statistical. On
average, Black people are less intelligent, and more prone to crime.

That doesn't mean that there are no
Black geniuses, just that as you get
many standard deviations away from the
mean IQ, you have very few.

The "average" White person is already
one sigma up on the average American
Black, who is already smarter than the
average African one. The average Han Chinese or Japanese has a slight edge
over the average White. Some subraces,
like Ashkenazi Jews (white) and Parsis
(dark) are even smarter on average

If St. Catherine (and Ireland) needs to
import blacks, perhaps an IQ test for
screening would help. But there's more
than IQ that differentiates races. The
average personality profiles are
probably different. Lots of evidence
suggests that this is so, but there is
no single quantity like g (IQ) to
measure this.

Better to import some Chinese if you
need to make yourself feel better
about your lack of racism.

Anonymous said...

St Catherine, please have a read of the evidence before you dismiss IQ testing:


SAVANT said...

Jockney - good to hear that. Having said that I think it was justified at the time.

See also some additonal comments that were posted against the original post (IQ is the key).

Anonymous said...

Savant, why don't you see parallels between African states and our own? Look at the way we allow ourselves to be governed in this great little country of ours. Have you even thought about the shower of gombeens that we re-elect over and over again and the iq of a nation that elects that shower over and over? Fianna Failures have destroyed this country's economy and have made us the laughing stock of Europe and yet you poke at African nations who on average are so much poorer and less educated than us. You are a stupid silly little (in the heart sense) man Savant. Intelligence is purely cultural and nothing more than that. Anonymous says that I don't understand the fact that iq is statistical. Another silly little man in love with anything 'scientific' that you can interpret in your own twisted way...poor you.