Saturday, 25 October 2008

A ray of hope?

Spoke with a Swedish professor today, working for the United Nations in the Arab region. Being free of the Scandinavian Thought Police, he revealed his despair at the destruction of his country by mass immigration. He confirmed that it was a taboo subject in polite company.
Nonetheless he gave me hope with this information. He said that whereas there is a vast immigrant population there, the Swedish (and presumably this applies to the broader Scandinavian population) do not mix and certainly don't inter-marry with African or Muslim immigrants. This surprised me, I must say, but he assured me it was correct.

While this would of course drive a coach and four through the multi-culti myth, it surely holds hope - great hope - for the future. Not sure why I think this way, but my bones tell me it's good.


clonycavan said...

I suppose it's a start. One person woke up!

Anonymous said...

It is a fact that people are becoming more aware, and that is why blogs such as yours must continue conveying the message.

Anonymous said...

This is true in Norway anyway. If a local girl married an african her family would view it like marrying an itinerant in Ireland.

John B.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it make you wonder all the more why the hell they allow this to go on? It's truly amazing.

Bernie Mac.

Anonymous said...

they have abortion on demand and no culture of censor over it.
they need to kick the swarthies out and use robots instead

Zngr said...

Then again all the Scandinavian men who would LIKE to marry a Muslim or (North) African woman are unable to do so. Many, probably, would. Have you seen the beauties that many young Somali girls are? Turkish babes are HOT. And add to the package very subservient to men, instead of the raging feminists for example Swedish men must tolerate. But because the women are kept hidden from the evil Western whiteys they can't be married by the natives, and those that try to get out from their communities are killed or threatened back "into the fold" by their male relatives. Or even sent back to the country they came from to re-learn their "own" culture, forced to marry there and only then return. Which they are allowed to do because they already hold an EU citizenship. But everyone knows this, or so I thought?

That's one one of the primary reasons of the permanent segregation in, say, Germany. The German's are hosting the third generation of Turkish Muslims. That's a long time right? Integration should be in full swing, right? No.

The men STILL get their wives imported from Turkey, and the families marry their young women to imported husbands, often by planting them on an airplane to their "real" own country, marrying there and coming back with the new husbands.

So integration by intermarrying remains impossible. Same situation, of course, stands in every country with Muslim immigrants.

Those who speak for multiculturalism and immigration always blabber on how integration automagically happens over time blah blah. No it does not, and one of the reasons is exactly the lack of intermarriage between the cultures. For every new generation of immigrants born in Europe, an equal amount of new husbands and wives from their country of irigin is imported.

Add to that the amount of children Muslim women bare... This is why the Muslim minority populations grow so fast, (or, say Hindu AFAIK). We have the newcomers, we have the massive speed with which they breed, and everyone marries someone outside of Europe to get even more new immigrants. Each generation is exactly as distant from their Western host culture as the last one because of the systems of marriage, and family reunion laws in EU which allows this to continue. And this is exactly how the Muslim men want it.

Tasha said...

well maybe the Nordic lads need to recover their warrior ancestry and gang rape the darkies ,like the darkies gang rape the blond Swedish girls?
black men got white women pregnant in the US to pay back white men, not out of any love. Its a really nasty business when you have a huge pool of third world females who are willing to prostitute themselves just to get a rung up and the bridal market to the US is exactly that. I saw a 20 yr old Russian beauty married to a 65 ish man , in the US. I spoke with her and she was very nice, but her husband didnt want her to talk to me because she might leave him as soon as she figured out he was disposable.( although I am female I might say what are you doing with him?)
Mexican illegal females are hookers in the US but there is a contest now for all the illegal immigrant darkies to get a white man.Black women are now marrying white men in the US because Black men are all in prison.
You see white men aren't as vicious or primitive as foreign men.
However if a White woman marries a darkie foreign man she takes a huge step down socially and in terms of safety. So many American women who married Muslims in the 70's had their children stolen back to the Muslim lands.
You might say the bridal market and the sex market are another kind of job market which gets ugly when too many are vying for too few positions( no pun intended).A really fat ugly Brazilian hooker was advertising on craigslist saying she wasn't like American women. True she is 5 2 inches and weighs about 280 lbs. I see older white men all the time who have Asian wives , half their age.
so you see, there is displacement and competition when huge populations are allowed to enter a country with no restrictions , as in the US.
It is not good for western women and I assume that the extinction of the white race is not what white people really want, but if you marry a short hairy mexican female that is exactly what will happen.

Anonymous said...

Savant - What's your take on why all this is happening? In the US and Europe alike, there are plenty of average citizens who are outright against this mass immigration. None of the politicians seem to listen. One could go nuts toying with conspiracy theories. Have our leaders been been leveraged by a group of ethnocentric elites, who wish to minimize power in white christian nations? Is it all about greed and sell-out? I constantly think of my children and their children's future. It doesn't look too rosy right now


Anonymous said...


the Dutch have just discovered that Dutch born Moroccan men marry Dutch born Moroccan woman, take them to Morocco, and then leave them there.

It is, if you will pardon the pun, what the Americans call a sweetheart deal. The woman are kept under surveillance in a foreign country and welfare benefits can also be claimed in Holland.


PS I should think this is happening in the UK as well.

Rhein said...

Glad to hear interracial relations are frowned upon in Scandinavia. A country can be rebuilt but you'll never be able to reclaim your genes once they're gone or diluted.

Zngr said...
And this is exactly how the Muslim men want it.

It's exactly how i want it too. If we start intermarrying/breeding it's the end of our race, and i'd rather we lose our countries than our race.

SAVANT said...

anonynous 20.08 asks "Savant - What's your take on why all this is happening? In the US and Europe alike, there are plenty of average citizens who are outright against this mass immigration. None of the politicians seem to listen"

This is true of course. I think that academia and journalism schools have captured the key opinion shapers of society. Politicians know that even if the man in the street agrees, the media reaction will be so negative and tendentious that it's potentially the end of their careers.