Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Penny drops for the MSM

What's that tinkling noise in the background? It’s the heartening sound the sound of the penny dropping on the realities of black rule. It’s dawning on the leading lights of the MSM (is that an oxymoron?) that black rule in South Africa is turning out to be a disaster. Now, God love them, don't be too hard on them - in 1994 I also held high hopes for the Rainbow Nation. And if I could get it wrong, what hope had the MSM journeymen?

Let’s start with The Economist, a bastion of correct, balanced, sensible analysis – according to themselves.

A decade-and-a-half after the end of apartheid, violent crime is pushing more and more whites out of South Africa. Exactly how many are leaving is impossible to say. Few admit that they are quitting for good, and the government does not [will not?] collect the necessary statistics. But large white South African diasporas, both English- and Afrikaans-speaking, have sprouted in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and many cities of North America.

The South African Institute of Race Relations, a think-tank, guesses that 800,000 or more whites have emigrated since 1995, out of the 4m-plus who were there when apartheid formally ended the year before. Robert Crawford, a research fellow at King’s College in London, reckons that around 550,000 South Africans live in Britain alone.

As for that model constitution and the separation of powers, Desmond Tutu, the retired Anglican archbishop of Cape Town, was moved this week to describe the sordid battle between Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, the party, government, prosecuting authority and courts as suggestive of a “banana republic”. As well as being appalled by events at home this past year, whites have watched Robert Mugabe’s pauperisation of neighbouring Zimbabwe and wonder whether South Africa will be next to descend into the same spiral.

Besides, fear of crime cannot be separated from the other factors that make South Africans consider emigration. One white entrepreneur about to leave for New York says that it was not being held up twice at gunpoint that upset him most: it was the lack of interest the police showed afterwards. Tony Leon, the former leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, claims that policing has been devastated by cronyism and that the entire criminal-justice system is dysfunctional.

Which is hardly surprising when they were headed up by a leading Mafia crook who also happened to be a friend of the President.

The London Times, the Old Thunderer, also raises the issue of white flight

There has long been considerable evidence of “white flight” to cities in Britain, Australia, America and New Zealand. It is estimated that up to 20% of South Africa’s whites have emigrated since the advent of democracy in 1994 Anecdotal evidence suggests that Zuma’s rise, coupled with nationwide power cuts and a continuing crime wave, has led to a further massive brain drain. Polls show that 63% of South Africans have “seriously considered” emigration. [Isn’t this an incredible proportion? My God, how bad must it be?]

Among my age group the chorus is absolutely insistent,” said Geoff Landsman, 25, a civil engineer. “You must go abroad. If at all possible equip yourself with a foreign passport. I have a Dutch one. I’ll leave by Christmas. I’m not saying I’ll never come back but I want to see if I can cut it abroad.

Anna Davids, 62, an ophthalmologist, lamented: “There’s a whole generation missing. Look around. Where are the young white couples aged 25-45? At least two-thirds of them are gone.” She said that affirmative action plans discouraged young whites from staying. Everything’s loaded against young whites, no matter how well qualified they are.”

But then the Times spoils it all by pointing out that 'wise voices caution against panic'. “The ANC’s leaders are acutely aware that any hope of addressing the problems of poverty and unemployment depend on maintaining the country’s growth and stability,” said Frederik van Zyl Slabbert.

Christ – is that supposed to be a wise voice?

The New York Times, on the other hand, conscious of the fact that only the most dramatic of pictures will interest its readers in things non-American, takes a more hands-on approach.

DIEPSLOOT, South Africa — A dusty maze of concrete, sheet metal and scrap wood, Diepsloot is like so many of the enormous settlements around Johannesburg, mile after mile of feebly assembled shacks, the impromptu patchwork of the poor, the extremely poor and the hopelessly poor.

Monica Xangathi, 40, lives here in a shanty she shares with her brother’s family. “This is not the way I thought my life would turn out,” she said. Her disappointment is not only with herself; she is heartsick about her country. Fourteen years after the end of apartheid, South Africa — the global pariah that became a global inspiration — has lapsed into gloom and anxiety about its future, surely not the harmonious “rainbow nation” so celebrated by Nelson Mandela on his inauguration day.

The past year has been especially unnerving, with one bleak event after another, and it is more than acidic politics that have soured the national mood. Economic growth slowed; prices shot up. Xenophobic riots broke out in several cities, with mobs killing dozens of impoverished foreigners and chasing thousands more from their tumbledown homes.

The country’s power company unfathomably ran out of electricity and rationed supply. [It’s not unfathomable at all. They forced out white specialists and replaced them with unqualified BEE blacks. What do you expect?] Gone was the conceit that South Africa was the one place on the continent immune to such incompetence. The rich purchased generators; the poor muddled through with kerosene and paraffin.

Other grievances were ruefully familiar. South Africa has one of the worst crime rates. But more alarming than the quantity of lawbreaking is the cruelty. Robberies are often accompanied by appalling violence, and people here one-up each other with tales of scalding and shooting and slicing and garroting.

The poor apply padlocks in defense. The rich surround their homes with concrete and barbed wire — and there are suggestions that more are simply fleeing the country. “On our street alone, just that one small street, three of the husbands in families were killed in carjackings or robberies,” said Antony McKechnie, an electrical engineer who a month ago moved to New Zealand. “If we had stayed and something had happened to any of our three children, we would never be able to forgive ourselves.”

In great measure, the tough realities of South Africa’s long haul after apartheid have simply replaced the halo of liberation’s first days.

However, the piece de resistance comes from the Guardian. Now as every schoolboy knows, the Guardian is the canonical source of left-liberal opinion in the UK. Anything that might undermine the prevailing multi-culti fantasies is studiously avoided, downplayed or explained away. But now even they have been forced to face reality. A careful reading of this article shows that they’ve virtually thrown up their hands in despair of South Africa, and by extension any black run country, ever being successful.

Some excerpts:

'Look at our terrible healthcare system, the crime and the pitiful state of our schools,' said Zola Ndzengu, a pharmaceuticals machine operator. 'In Gugulethu there are people going to bed on empty stomachs. I am so upset by our party. I am a member of the ANC, but I am so sad and confused. Things were bad already. And now to see the politicians behaving so badly. It's just too much.'

Kanti, 25, who leases his phone container but hopes to buy it next year, said: 'The ANC has gone crazy. Mbeki made mistakes, but the way in which he was thrown out like a dirty rag was a disgrace. I do not blame Tutu if he does not vote. He was there back then in the struggle and we take his views very seriously. I could never vote for Zuma or his sidekick [ANC Youth League leader] Julius Malema, who says he will kill anyone who does not support his boss."

So yes, they’ve heard the penny drop. But hark! What else do we hear? A sound of bolting hoofs and slamming doors. Yes, doors are slamming but the black horses have galloped from the Augean stables. Because it’s too late, and the problem has by now penetrated throughout Europe.

And staying with the hearing things theme ‘ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee’.


Anonymous said...

But remember apartheid can be blamed for all this . Its actually the legacy of Apartheid and always will be.The whites never trained blacks to do the job properly,never taught them anything, never showed them the way to civilization. Just didn't try hard enough, it was just too difficult.

Anonymous said...

@anony 22.30
What crap....
Odd rather - my wife dislikes the Germans. So last night we have this discussion and I asked her why. Well, says she, they are a bunch of arrogant twits, bunch of Nazis and they killed Jews. To which I say one cannot blame all of them for Adolf to eternity.
Says I - there are people overseas who continu to blame us for apartheid when it was introduced since the beginning of SA - 350 years ago.
And guess what. Idiots such as this anony crawl out the woodwork.
Why bother trying to refute shit like this dumb wanker posts.
But let me remind this asshole to consider the rest of Africa where there never was apartheid...and explain why it is such a financial black hole.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I just had to appropriate your article for SAS - with due acknowledgement of course...

Rhein said...

It's nice to see our people starting to think in matters of race and actually mention the word 'White', especially in the MSM, means they're finally seeing the light.

I couldn't help notice the ultra-left NYP and Guardian didn't mention the word once and mostly focused on blacks. They know what's going on they're just purposely misinforming the population.

Anonymous said...

How often does it need to be said to you assholes? How do expect the SA blacks to suddenly, like, develop all the skills overnoight after being held back/down given no education, no self-esteem, no nothing and you fuckers expetc gthem to perform miracles.

and before you start off as usual, I AM WHITE!

Jeremy G.

Anonymous said...

Geremy G. - leaving the passion out for a moment - if they dont have the skills/experience why are they in the key jobs?

Anonymous said...

@jungle bunny Jeremy - you are a pathetic, mindless creature...merely parroting the ol' party line - sigh...

18 kart said...

Hmm did they real problem for whites begin with the Boer war? When the Afrikaners lost their political sovereignty and all because a bunch of London based racial supremacists could not stand the thought of white farmers owning their own gold mines.

Anonymous said...

Mr G,

Other countries managed to create decent societies after de-colonising. I think blacks believe we should run their societies but take no credit while they hold all the positions of power, bit like Saudi, really.

You seem to think that blacks will never be able to create a proper functioning country.It will always be the white man's fault.

Anonymous said...

RBPolar. where did i say blacks would NEVER be able to do it? NOWHERE. I'm sayibg that whites, who held them down up till 1994, expect miracles within 10 years. Simple.

Doodler - is that the best you can do as a response? ASSHOLE. And i am NOT a jungle bunny, asshole.


Anonymous said...

It's black racists and white Marxist fellow-travellers who blame "apartheid" for the failings of blacks. It's always the fault of the white man. "Blame Whitey" is the endless refrain.

Blacks as a group have a significantly lower average IQ, around 80 (I believe), so it's unrealistic to expect them to be able to function at civilised levels.

The sensible thing to do is prevent blacks from attaining political power in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Emmigration numbers of around 800,000 - 1,000,000, with 550,000 in London alone do not make sense when most people choose Australia. It could be much higher. See, here a figure of close to 2 million is used, and may be closer to the truth.

SAVANT said...

Vanilla Ice - thats what I think too. If there are that many in the UK there must be 1.5 million at least abroad. There are tens of thousands in the Persian Gulf, for example, seldom mentioned.

Rhein said...

Jeremy, how do you explain the behaviours of blacks in the US, some of wich have been there for several generations?

Look at all the black-dominated areas in every white country and you'll notice something similar. Also take a look at some crime stats and most-wanted lists from these said countries.

How do you explain that one?

And in regards to apartheid i suggest you look at various pictures and footage of SA back in the 60s, 70s or 80s. You'll see plenty of blacks walking the streets amongst whites without being wipped or chained and they look much more healthy than they do today. And the cities actually look like cities, very nice ones too, as opposed to the war zones we see today.

But like most blacks say, they need to destroy what Whites have built to rebuilt it in their image, or somehow make it theirs. I seriously doubt the latter part will happen though.

Anonymous said...

rhein - unbelievable! You use th US 'justice' system which is well know by everyone punishes blacks at TEN TIMES THE RATE OF WHITES to say that blacks commits more crimes. IDIOT


Anonymous said...

Holy shit - this porch monkey Jeremy is thicker than pigshit.
And as for your question - to try and reason with someone at your retarded level is akin to throwing pearls before swine...

Anonymous said...

Savant - you will be pleased to know that on SA TV last night there was an impassioned demand! (not a plea)for first world countries to dole out their tax money to feed more black Africans.
Five starving countries were mentioned, one of which was Kenya - couldn't believe it, as Kenya was THE breadbasket of Africa. Must say that was before the whites were forced out.
Then Zim was viewed as the breadbasket of Africa and we all know what happened there - now they are screeching for food.
Then SA was the breadbasket of Africa. Now SA is a nett importer of food. I'm sure you won't mind feeding me one of these days..
As whitey leaves, so does the infrastructure fall apart until they are left with the begging bowl.
So, Savant, please inform your government that the 900 million Eoros it has set aside for aid is insufficient and needs to be doubled, at least.
And we don't care how they do it, we want it. You bunch there need to make more financial sacrifices to feed us, so we can continue our breeding...

SAVANT said...

I know you're being facetious doodler, but i believe that is literally the way they think. We demand you send us food and money. Now.

As i said in this post ( we should stop all of this aid and let the population fall to its natural level.

Cruel, but ultimately kind

Ben017 said...


"How do expect the SA blacks to suddenly, like, develop all the skills overnoight after being held back/down given no education, no self-esteem"

The difficulty is that groups exposed to different selection pressures may develop distinct genetic traits. Unfortunately, it appears groups differ not only in average physical ability, but also average mental abilities (with overlap amongst the respective groups)

In terms of intelligence research, we know that IQ is strongly predictive of academic performance. East Asians have the highest average of any group. This is consistent with their academic performance in the US where they have the highest graduation rates (similar in NZ and Australia).

There are other differences, for instance, on average, Asian-American kids have bigger brains than white American kids, who in turn have bigger brains than black American kids. This is true even though the order of body size and weight runs in the other direction. The pattern holds true throughout the world and persists at death, as measured by brain weight. And when you compare black and white kids who score the same on IQ tests, their average difference in head circumference is zero. Further, scientists have already identified genes that influence brain size and vary by continent.

On average, compared with whites, blacks mature more quickly in the womb, are born earlier, and develop teeth, strength, and dexterity earlier. They sit, crawl, walk, and dress themselves earlier. They reach sexual maturity faster, and they have better eyesight. On each of these measures, East Asians lag whites and blacks. In exchange, East Asians get longer lives and bigger brains.

Ben017 said...


"You use th US 'justice' system which is well know by everyone punishes blacks at TEN TIMES THE RATE OF WHITES to say that blacks commits more crimes."

Are you aware that Blacks represent 2% of the population of the UK, 12% of the jail population and 15% of incarcerated young offenders? I suppose you are going to say that reflects institutional racism, however, Asians are underrepresented. Also, the incarceration rate for Indians is 1/14 the rate of blacks.

Again, in the United States Asians are underrepresented in crime figures.

Zngr said...

Haha, Nigger-Jeremy is funny.

Like, when London city (IIRC) started using a computerized, magic calculator box linked with lens camera thingy that works with elect-ree-si-tee system for checking car registration and if it was stolen or was linked to a known criminal, they'd try and stop the vehicle to see what's up.

Well surprise, the vehicles mostly contained black people.

The system was abandoned as "racist". See, it's not that blacks usually drive around in stolen vehicles or are endemically criminal, it's that the automatic system was created by WHITEY to OPPRESS THE BLACK MAN. Yeah, evil engineers programmed the control system to recognize cars with blacks inside so as to stop them. Oh COME ON.

Fuck off, you simpleton. People are usually jailed if they commit a fucking crime you drooling moron. This is why people are in jail, not because they are, say, yellow or green.

I'm from Scandinavia and a huge part of the local black population, who've been here for a few decades, are already jailed. Does anyone REALLY think we quickly created some racist laws to imprison blacks when they came here, remember, there were no blacks in Scandinavia three decades ago? For some reason the yellow ones are doing fine. But especially East Africans fare very, very poorly. Oh and Nigerians, since their profession is "scamming" which tends to lead into convictions in countries that prefer other professions.

Now that there are blacks in Scandinavia, they are poorly employed (like, less than 1 out of 10 blacks is a taxpayer, rest live on social welfare), legendary for scamming and petty crime (some certain ethnic blacks are 100, one HUNDRED times more often convicted of crime than their teenage whitey counterparts), refugee status scams and violent crime, especially gang rapes. Gang rapes with mutilation. Always targeted at white women.

Now, if there was no system of racism and oppression in place here, which there was not, no history of slavery, and I know we've been taught from child up to respect our fellow men, black, yellow, red or white, why did all of this happen the way it did? Does anyone REALLY think countries with no history of racial segregation started applying law differently so as to disfavour blacks (but not disfavour anyone else), especially while in the throes of multiculturalism and it's supposed enrichment?

What forces the black man in Norway or Sweden or Finland to gang rape white women and mutilate their genitals with scissors? What forces them to pilfer shit and scam money? What forces them to not even ATTEMPT to attend at school? You really think the Whitey someone FORCES them to do all this shit?

I'll sum my message with the words FUCK YOU AGAIN

Anonymous said...


Rhein said...

Anonymous said...



Gotta admit he's got great arguments. What a refutal. ^^

Btw it's redneck, not rednek wich is a hockey player i think...

Anonymous said...

In the US, the blacks who are in prison SHOULD BE in prison. At this point in time, the media covers up countless instances of black on white crime, but the uniform crime statistics clearly spell out the nature of the crimes and the perpetrators. Of course there are some capable blacks in the US and elswhere; the problem is they are few and far between. We can argue until we are all dead, but the fact is...14 years, 50 years, 200 years - the "legacy of apartheid" will always be the big stick to beat whites with and the rationalization for all failures on the part of blacks.

It would be awesome if sub-Saharan nations could become civilized like other "colonized" nations - like the US, Australia, etc. Ultimately,however, it appears not to be in their nature. I do not believe that dropping eveyone to the lowest common denominator is a humane solution - communist, yes; humane - no

Mike in mississippi

Anonymous said...

Interesting analogy to dog breeds on (also see Berkeley Professor Vince Sarich's book on "Race: the reality of human differences")

"In fact, human beings are substantially more genetically diverse than dogs are. Geneticists measure genetic diversity within a species by determining the average heterozygosity of the species’ genome, or the likelihood of its having more than one variant of any given gene. Humans have an average heterozygosity of around 0.7, whereas dogs’ is about 0.4."

SAVANT said...

This inverted world site is well worth viewing.

Anonymous said...

There might be some hope. The new Minister for Immigration in the UK (a pakistani!!) says that it will need to be significantly curtailed.

Zngr said...

What a surprise! An immigrant, critical of immigration? Impossible, he or she must've been drugged or brainwashed by the WHITEY.

Wait - no.

The most fervent opposition to uncontrolled mass immigration, of especially refugees with scamming possibilities, in my experience come from immigrants themselves.

It's because they immigrate to Europe because they see Western Europe as a better alternative to where they came from. They don't want to turn Ireland or Norway or whatever to the country they escape from.

This all, of course, makes sense. It's just that our socialist politicians and academic liberals of various suicidal sort should get the clue as well. Which they don't. Since claiming people take advantage of EU immigration laws because of purely economic reasons - and that the economic refugees laugh at us and our gullibility - hints that some so called refugees, infact, immigrate purely out of economic reasons, as opposed to escaping oppression.

Therefore, we must think that every refugee and family reunion immigrant is escaping some form of intolerable oppression. Otherwise the whole system would immediately be revealed as a lie. That's not doable because it would mean our multi-culti elites were wrong all this time and expose them as stupid fuckheads and lying self-centered morons, which they of course are.

It's a chicken and egg thing really, but I think we should listen to the immigrants who are critical of immigration a lot more. They are, after all, here already and won't leave. And they know their stuff. And quite a bit of them are good people. On governmental level ears should open up. They, the third world immigrants, KNOW what they are talking about. Not only because they share most of my views I advocate this, but as immigrants from third world hellholes, they should know what they are talking about from the economic refugee POV which us "entitled" Westerners lack completely. At best we have a vague sense of Orwellian or Kafkaesque "wrongness", and at worst we imagine everyone from every culture is exactly alike, and share the same values, and can be thrown together with just about anyone, and still succeed as a society, even though obviously this is not the case. It's just that religions are blind to facts and multiculturalism is a religion, or an ideology, and therefore facts don't really matter to the believers.

Ya know, the first Moroccan and Tunisian (and Kurd now that I think of it) immigrants I ever talked with about immigration issues fervently spoke that we should screen any other Moroccans (not so much Tunisians, they don't want to come here anyway) very tightly because they were afraid the criminal or unhealthy elements would follow first, hearing about the free benefits, loose whorish women, and luxury handed in Scandinavia, while still running their own businesses in North Africa... of course they were silenced as lone nutcases or mentally challenged subhumans, purportedly unaware of the realities of the world or the conditions of their own home countries - the multiculturalist politicians and academics usually consider immigrants as subhuman animals instead of real people, which is exactly why they cater to their peculiar demands and refuse to acknowledge they are sometimes incompatible with western secular values the second after they step on EU ground. They claim their former host country history "forces" them to act, say, criminally, and that us Europeans "oppress" them and thus force social problems on them. As if they were devoid of free will.

If any Devil Whiteys (or non-muslims) are to repeat what these immigration opposed immigrants said, they are then again, being fully human and responsible for their actions, then labeled racist, xenophobic or nazis, of the Adolf Hilter school of thought.

Oh well, better get sloshed now, and everone of us - remember to vote. And think long and hard who you vote. That's the minimum we can do. And sometimes the maximum.

It's still illegal in most Western countries to counter idiocy and self-destructive tendencies with violence.

kerdasi amaq said...

By raping white women, the incomers are finding out what weak pussies Swedish men really are!

Although white Swedish girls are hardly worth fighting for!

Anonymous said...

kerdasi amak says "swedish girls arent worth fighting for"

are you out of your freakin' mind????