Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Breathtaking MSM

When it some to political correctness the disingenuousness of the MSM is just breathtaking. The International Herald Tribune, in an article on the breakout of ugly attacks on Africans in Italy, including killings, marvels at the ‘paradoxes’.

Get this.

“But there are paradoxes. The regions with the most immigrants have the most integration [read, Africans living in white areas] and the most jobs. They are also the areas with the highest levels of anti-immigrant sentiment”

This is a paradox?

Gimme a break! Of course the regions with the most immigrants will have the most trouble. What planet are these people on?


Rhein said...

"The regions with the most immigrants have the most integration [read, Africans living in white areas] and the most jobs."

Of course, they literally take over the area. If blacks can't integrate in an area that's majority black then they've got problems... The question here is how well the indigenous, not the immigrants, are integrated. They probably feel like aliens in their own lands.

ad fukal said...

planet liberalism, where these things just should not happen.

SAVANT said...

That's true of course rhein. My real point though was that the MSM found this to be paradoxical!

Anonymous said...

you seem surprised. why?

Tasha said...

Fjordman: 'The EU is the first empire in history created by leaders allowing other peoples to wage a war against their own'

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant, I've been reading your blog for a while and enjoy your acerbic posts; now that Hibernia Girl has stopped posting you're my first port of call for immigration news. When I think of things though I get very dispirited, I mean I'm beginning to think it's already too late to do anything about the collapse of morale and standards in the West with immigration being just a very obvious component of the general decline and decay that's been going on for some time and will lead eventually us to social breakdown and dystopia. Seriously, when I think of these things I get worried and sad.
I've been going around in a bit of a daze the last few days and have been amazed at what becomes apparent when one looks at society objectively. The glaring reality is that no-one seems to care and that there is no real Irish nation, just disparate self-interested, self-promoting sub-sections all jostling each other at the trough under the shadow of world finance. Think of this financial crisis, think about young people, hooked on credit and signed up for life for boxes in the suburbs. It's all consume, consume, consume. People are loud and obnoxious-just look at a traffic jam- and gentleness, civility and manners seem to have disappeared. Drink and drugs are rampant, people don't seem to have any hobbies or creative past-times.
And ignorance seems to be everywhere and worse, positively promoted from the media down. Look around an Irish city and ask yourself what is going on here. I do, and I just feel at a loss. Of course immigration is self inflicted torture, anyone with eyes can see that, but still it continues.
What do you think Savant? Am I being overly pessimistic? Is it too much to expect a society with a sense of cohesion and self belief? Just what the fuck is going on right now?

SAVANT said...

Hi anonymous 21.04. glag I'm covering for HG to some degree. have to say though that she was a much more methodical source of data than I.

Are you pessimistic? I dont think so. I think many, by no means all, of the problems and changes in society that you refer to are, if not caused, certainly exacerbated by mass immigration - the 'Putnam Effect'.

Why do we do it? As I've said, w've now reached the stage where through edless propaganda we've internalised the multi-culti message.

So yes, I'm pessimistic

18 kart said...

"Multiculturalism has no place in Israel. Israel was created as a Jewish state for the Jews". -jewish leader lsi Leibler. Note to reader: Leibler and his fellow jews are THE reason why White lands have been swamped with "diversity".

rhein said...

It was just an observation, not an actual reply to the post.

I've read it a few times and like you said i really can't see why they found this paradoxal. Maybe i'm missing something.

SAVANT said...

it's only paradoxical if you've imbibed the multiculti koolaid