Sunday, 21 September 2008


A perfect example from Denmark on how Muslims in Europe have succeeded in foreclosing all criticism of their death cult religion.

A new, full-length Danish animation movie "The Trip to Saturn" will premier next Friday and it's not for the sensitive. In the movie, which is an update and rewrite of the deceased cartoonist and author Claus Deleuran's album classics about a Danish space expedition, there's belching, farting and throwing up.

A series of scenes make fun of religious attitudes and beliefs. In a scene which takes place in the Christian heaven, the Holy Spirit is peed on, while St. Peter kicks the unfaithful out through the Pearl Gates with curses and brimstones.

The only major character whose belief and convictions aren't derided is the Muslim character, Jamil, who's the cook in the space expedition.Thirty year old Thorbjørn Christoffersen, one of the three directors of the film, says that it was completely intentional that the Muslim character is exempted from the sharp satire. Attempts at it were given up by the film team already in the manuscript stage.

The reason was concern for the directors' own safety. "It's unfortunately been impossible to make fun of the Muslims' religion. I think we make many jabs at the person Jamil in the film, but it's correct that we're not touching his belief. It's simply too sensitive an area, that I can't take the responsibility to get involved. I certainly need to think of both my family and my workplace. I'm not a fighter, and I don't like to have raging Muslims knocking on my door," says Thorbjørn Christoffersen.

He nods affirmatively to the tragedy this involves. "I 100% support that people should be able to make fun of everything. but this is not about special consideration for Muslims, it's about consideration for myself and my family,".

This is becoming the norm folks, and we're all just standing by and letting it happen. And it'll only get worse as the Islamic share of the European population soars.


Anonymous said...

Yes. and of course the so-called 'moderates' will have gotten their way too, while pretending that they dont approve of these guys.

Anonymous said...

We're just lemmings, heading for the cliff.