Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Religious oppression in Ireland

This from Al Jazeera, the one and only 'independent' Arab TV station. It's no longer very independent - see this post. anyway, it seems they're not too happy with us, at our lack of religious freedoms (I kid you not).

An Irish family at the centre of a nationwide dispute over the wearing of the Islamic headscarf in schools has accused Ireland's government of repressing minority rights while "flaunting itself as the bastion of democracy". Liam Egan, whose daughter's desire to wear the headscarf to school last year sparked the debate, said: "It is time the world witnessed the true face of Ireland. The issue of the hijab is a reflection of how Ireland treats its minorities".

Yes folks, that's the thanks we get for bustin’ our asses to accommodate them, part-funding their mosques, fully funding their own indoctrination centres ‘schools’ and walking on eggshells to avoid giving ‘offence’.

"It has silently repressed Muslim rights while flaunting itself as the bastion of democracy for far too long." How they must wish they could be in a really free society that respects all religions. Like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan (check this). And what exactly is the nature of this repression?

“Shekinah's school board of management granted permission for her to wear the clothing, but the principal referred the question to the department of education, requesting an official policy for all schools in Ireland. The department did not provide any further guidance and Shekinah was allowed to continue wearing it.”

Boy, that's bad, isn't it? Like the Spanish Inquisition, so it is.

A true Irish family

While most of the people in Muslim communities affected by the issue in other parts of Europe have been immigrants or the children of immigrants, the Egans are a native Irish family who have converted to Islam.

Isn't it obvious that they’re a typical Irish family? Just look at them. All they’re short is a shamrock and a harp.

But Egan's British-born wife, says "the government now treats the family as if they are foreigners". Again, mystifying how they could treat them as foreigners

The report goes on Ruairi Quinn, a spokesman for the Irish Labour party, told the Irish Independent newspaper that immigrants who come to Ireland "need to conform". If people want to come into a Western society that is Christian and secular, they need to conform to the rules and regulations of that country," he said.
Needless to say, Ruairi got roundly fucked for his trouble by the multi-culti Thought Police and the MSM.

Meanwhile, in a column headlined 'Shape up or ship out should be our multicultural message', Kevin Myers, a columnist for the Independent newspaper, supported the opposition's position, saying Quinn had "got it spot on" with his stance.

"The problem lies in how extremists often set themselves up as the sole voice of their 'community'," he said, adding that the British government had learned this best. "Indeed, the quickest way to get an invitation to 10 Downing Street is to call oneself the leader of the Muslim community; and in between praising 'martyrdom operations', you'd soon collect a knighthood or even a peerage," Myers wrote in June.

Shape up or ship out’. Exactly what we’d be told in a Muslim country – provided we were given the opportunity to ship out and not spend a spell in jail first.


Tasha said...

I love your site. I do ! I Do! completely non-pc and you hit the nail on the head with humour every time!
I spoke with an Irish woman in the US and told her about your site and how the Muslims and Nigerians have taken over Ireland, and how Nigerians get housing over Irish Natives. She has been gone ten years.

kerdasi amaq said...

I don't belive in making migrants conform to Irish values. I believe in keeping them out!

If Muslims are not kept out of Ireland, what happens if they shoulde become a majority here?

Who conforms to whose's beliefs then?

SAVANT said...

Thanks Tasha - it's a labour of love! Spread the word and let's try to get as many as possible linked.