Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Religion of Peace

In a comment on this post “fed up with islamaphobia” says "I understand that you're fed up with mass immigration to white countries, but please base your criticism of Islam on ACTUAL teachings of the Quran not some backwards cultural practice."

I suspect our friend is a merry prankster, as he tells us that ‘murder is forbidden in Islam’, but if not could he explain the following direct quotations from Mein Kampf the Koran?

"When you clash with the infidels in battle, fighting Jihad in Allah's cause, smite their necks, killing many of them"
Koran 47:4

"I shall fill the hearts of the infidel with terror: wipe the infidels out till the last. Fight them until Islam is the only religion" Koran 47:5

"O believers - do not hold Jews and Christians as your allies" Koran 5:51

Then we have the 'Prophet' himself, as quoted in Ishaq 576 "I liked the punishment the infidel received. Killing them was sweeter than drink. We galloped among them panting for spoil"

And just in case you have any doubt who the infidels are, the 8th Sura explains: "They are surely infidels who say Christ the Messiah is God"

Does “fed up with islamaphobia" stand over this garbage? Bet we dont hear any more from him.


Anonymous said...

check this out.



Rhein said...

I think everybody knows what islam is all about by now. Words are nothing, actions dictate the true nature of people. It's as if a man walks in his home, tells his wife he loves her and then punches her right on the nose. What should she believe? The action of course, not the words wich are simply vibrations in the air when you think about it...

Here's the new video by Pat Condell wich i tought was really good.


SAVANT said...

Just checked the link from Rhein. Recommended!

Anonymous said...

It's easy to select things out of context and then give the wrong impression. Any religion is the same.

Zngr said...

You know, that's true. You have so many flavours of Islam as you would have any other religion with 1.3 billion followers.

Anyway Arab or tribal culture and Islam are not the same thing. For many Westerners it might not matter though because most Arabs happen to be Muslim and what is worse, either Wahhabis or funded by them. All this business with insisting on bombing trains in Europe, demanding the majority culture meets peculiar Muslim demands and so originates from Saudi Arabia right now, and killing your female relatives only to be celebrated by local police and community as a hero etc. is a tribal custom from before Islam and probably after Islam.

The Wahhabism Saudis support is a conservative, fuckhead sect who are popular at all only because they spew generous funds everywhere to support their cause. But nobody should be mistaken their Islam is any more real than Sufi or Shi'a Islam or a religion of peace Islam or whatever "moderate" Islam a commentator might believe exists.

But don't stop reading yet, I'm not trying to explain our current predicament away as a simple misunderstanding by racist white people, instead, maybe for the first time during our lifetime, the White Man actually is to be blamed and owes someone a debt.

Zngr said...

The mistake of our politicians, humanists, academics and politically correct left wing apologists is that they conveniently confuse all Muslims and most of all Islam as one of a kind and pretend to "tolerate" and "exchange cultural dialogue" (all in the name of elevating their personal moral superiority, or maybe gaining additional research funds or possibly more votes, completely selfish motives) with precisely those violent extremists or advantage scamming Arabs and African blacks who care nothing of Islam unless it gains you economic advantage and special rights, welfare fraudsters and culturally incompatible, stone-age barbarians everyone should abhor, with equal measure to educated Muslims who just want to practice their religion in peace while leaving others alone. The epitome of tolerance is to celebrate the enrichment Deobandis, Wahhabist fanatics or African blacks who use religion as an excuse for their behaviour supposedly bring us. Multiculturalism means we have to be polite to everyone and stop them from integrating even if they would see us dead. We all know how popular in MSM or main stream culture it is to explain away every wrong in the world by white imperialism, colonialism or whatever. This is more of the same bullshit. If our politicians and academics could admit not all, yet more than a few Muslims even those in our midst are violent fundamentalists bent on imposing a global caliphate they would be forced to admit not all are equal nor share the same motives, and if there exists large groups of Arabs or Muslims with completely different agendas then it stands to reason not all their actions are driven by oppression and exploitation imposed by the evil white man. In a shattering revelation it would be seen NOT ALL CULTURES AND TRADITIONS ARE EQUAL. Some are, infact, abhorrent and undeserving of any "tolerance" nor do they "enrich" anything they touch. Then, to admit some Muslims are peaceful by their own volition is to admit Wahhabism actually IS a stone-age religious sect backed by untold billions of oil funds, bent on conquering the West and forcing Islam on all while taking our women and children away as slaves. Because that, probably more Muslims than westerners would be quick to admit, is exactly what they are going to do. But because nobody is able to cough that out without being blamed of racism (how can a religion be a race at the same time?) or islamophobia by the very same people who would seek to take away our way of life, that is, by no less than the Wahhabists themselves or those who enjoy their funding, our leaders least of all dare to do so. Therefore we must keep pretending all is equal and all Muslims practice the same Islam apart from a few misguided fundamentalists and that their errors are just one, huge, misunderstanding, probably born out of the imaginary oppression we Westerners force them to endure every single day.

So it's not only the Muslims and their advocates of a global caliphate who are to blame. As the proverbial African black, reminiscenting the days of Atlantic Slave traid says "I iz owed" and posting a bill to the Whiteys to pay for their past wrongs with a bounty of fried chicken, a white European can also say "We are owed". Our own politicians, egalitarians, socialists and academics, our goverments have failed us. The countries of Western Europe are in debt to their own populations to stop FUCKING WITH OUR SHIT.

Anonymous said...

good comments from zngr. point is though, 'moderate' muslims have shown no sign of standing up to these zealots. seems to me they're riding on their backs to get control anyway.

maybe i'm a cynic.....

SAVANT said...

WE haven't heard back from our 'merry prankster' yet, I notice.

It's ALWAYS the same with pro-Islamic commentators. They'll never answer the hard questions.

Zngr said...

re: anonymous on "moderates"

Well Muslims do and have condemned extremism.




And so on. But you are right as well, currently the Saudis and their proteges are the face of Islam in the West and as long as it continues it is highly irrelevant IMO if there are some moderates who speak out (by the way, some of them simply lie so they can still keep their mosques in London). Until the Western leaders take a stand against Wahhabism or ANY Islamic conservatives and fundies and lay out some simple rules like "get the fuck out of here if you don't like our way of life and don't come back" the Islamists will piggyback their way into our countries and culture among all the other Muslim immigrants.

As for cultural relativism, Muslim or not, I think it is also fairly proven by now backwards, uneducated immigrants from Africa and Asia (and most Muslims are from oppressive hellholes) who are by our standards still tribal are not good for a Western society in the long run if current policies remain. Instead of, as per the multicultural ideology, changing into a law abiding Westerners or simpletons thankful of our gifts of social benefits when they step out of the airplane they actually, this would hurt the PC folk I bet, continue to live exactly according to the social contract and habits they did back home but now largely devoid of inhibiting rules and receiving what to most third world populations seems as luxurious upkeep - often for doing nothing. Add to that the difficulties they naturally face finding equal work or salary with literate, educated natives and ESPECIALLY the degenerate MSM and do-gooder ideology that explains all their misfortunes by unjust oppression, or "structural racism" (wtf hello?) they will grow to resent their new hosts. Especially the second and third generation immigrants if their community has failed to reach equal status with the whiteys or as is more often they are lead to believe so. Haha, fun fact is that the MSM and politicians claim they should integrate by the third generation, what bullshit. Add a honor and shame culture typical to most Muslim countries and you get more exotic enrichment then you can handle, wow!. How enriching!

Simple solution: screen immigrants and send those who fail to integrate back. Or don't take any to begin with. But no.

A few anecdotes serve well to highlight the "issues" an African black might face in the West.

According to a Kenyan refugee in Scandinavia to come here feels like liberation or getting out of prison. Quote: "there are no rules, you can do what you want". Indeed. And he didn't mean you are free from oppression, but free to conduct yourself in the manner of your choice without punishment that is meaningful to someone who considers prison a luxury hotel. Rape some teenager and commit violent crimes? No problem! It's because you are oppressed! Here, we grant asylum and give some money. Now be good.

On the other hand in Nigeria, topical to Ireland I understand, a saying goes "government business is no mans business" meaning an institution like a government is a crazy White-man notion which, to Nigerians, is laughable. In Nigeria the government is simply an system of patronage wherein those who by cunning, force or family ties are awarded positions can use it to loot and generate wealth for themselves and their families (and are obliged to share it with their relatives, village or the tribe).

So is anyone at all surprised that Nigerians who scam their way into Europe aim to pull all strings possible to loot our social and benefit systems? They've never even KNOWN a concept of the state that cares for it's population, and this goes for much of Africa where the state is simply another burden people have to bear in their attempts to survive life.

Somalis in Sweden and Finland read, write and speak their new host languages so poorly that, according to a social worker, some don't even know who pays their rent. They think everyone just gets an apartment and a nice TV by way of lucking out on a residence permit or being born there. That shit just happens. Look, a TV and a working shower. Are they unable to contemplate the history and work that has predated the situation wherein SOME can be awarded such benefits as long as enough of the population pay taxes? Seems to me. Same goes for those would go on giving benefits to completely foreign people who cross our borders without return investment.

A website in Ghana which gave out handy information regarding how to fool the French system into giving residence permits (my favourite was the part "if you can prove you have three children you get 1700€ a month for DOING NO WORK!!!" (it really was in all caps) also devoted some webspace for explaining how absurd the claims of the French immigration officials regarding that "there is no more space in France, damnit" are: a clever contributor had quickly calculated that if you demolish enough villages and cut down all forests and turn them into concrete highrise banlieus there should be space enough to at least DOUBLE the population of France (naturally with Africans). No thought was given how will the French government provide jobs, education and welfare to all these lucky people. Instead those are just white-man-things that can be given to everyone - if the state wants to.

Now after this long rambling rant, I'm off to drink a pint and read the sports pages.

SAVANT said...

zngr - I see you're from Sweden. Poor man. What a society you created there. The greatest the world has seen, in my view. And now you - yes you, the Swedes - are destroying it before our eyes.

Future historians will marvel they way they now marvel at how Hitler got to control Germany

!8 ceart said...

Does the French Government think that it is to their advantage to take €1700 euro a month from their own people and give it to Nigerians to spend in France? It helps drive up GDP even if it means the destruction of the French Nation!

Anonymous said...

nobody knows what the French Govt. or the rest of our elites are thinking when they do these kinds of things. sure thing is... they're destrpying the continent.