Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Oxford’s Christians apologise for praying during Ramadan

Thanks to the commenter at the previous post for this link.

Here are some extracts:

A Christian group in Oxford has apologised to the city’s Muslims for having the audacity to organise a day of prayer during Ramadan. Oxfords Muslims found it ‘ill-conceived and insensitive’, not to mention ‘grossly insulting and inflammatory’.The Muslim Education Centre of Oxford (MECO) has accused the Evangelical group ‘Open Doors UK’ of preaching ‘evangelical propaganda’. Do not Muslims preach Islamic propaganda?

Do the Christians in Oxford complain about this? Would the Muslims of Oxford apologise or even care if the Christians did complain about it?But the greatest offence was taken because the Christians had dared to refer to their event as a ‘Call to Prayer’. Apparently, only Muslims may now use this term, despite the manifest and lengthy heritage Jews and Christians have of calling believers to worship, celebration or prayer with the blast of the shofar or the peel of church bells.

This Christian event was not some triumphalist public parade or obtrusive prayer march down the narrow lanes and crowded streets of the city (as some Evangelicals are wont to indulge in) - but that it consisted of prayer and teaching in a church - St Aldate's, to be precise.These lily-livered Christians have apologised, saying they ‘regret’ any offence that had been caused. In fact, they ‘very much regret’ causing offence, and are bending over backwards to stress that they ‘were not denigrating Islam or criticising Muslim beliefs’.

Why IN THE NAME OF CHRIST are Christians apologising for praying in a church? And why are they so ashamed of the gospel that they prostrate themselves before those who have complained and express regret for seeking their salvation?

The chairman of MECO is one Dr Taj Hargey, and it is he who is ‘flabbergasted’ that these dhimmi Christians organised a day-long initiative termed ‘Call to Prayer’. He checked the Open Doors website, and was appalled that ‘innocent sounding publicity was headlined “A Call to Prayer”’.

This is what probably the most prestigious seat of learning in history has come to. Welcome to dhimmi Britain.

And check what happens to Christians who try to practice their religion in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam, in this post.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect? You should have shed blood a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

They'll keep on pushing, pushing, until they force us into their way. Make you weep, it would.

Anonymous said...

As I heard on old Dutch gentleman say one day, "let's throw them in the sea"...

What is all the PC bullshit when it comes to Muslim's? I tell you they would not apologise for "offending" christians during Easter or Christmas. I would rather have them stay on their side of the fence and me on mine thanks...