Friday, 26 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider breakthrough

There are many sceptics when it comes to this magnificent testimony to science, and indeed to Western Civilisation in general. However, this experiment, even in its early days, has achieved the most spectacular breakthrough. The search for the Higgs Bosun, the so-called 'god particle', has resulted in the capture of a photo of God Himself!

As usual, your Savant is first with the news, and a sneak look at the picture, which will be all over the media for the next few years.


eamon said...

It's 'boson' you muppet !

Is it possible to use the beam of particles to gauge the thickness of a negro skull ?

They seem much thicker, and therefore much harder to damage

SAVANT said...

don't be pedantic, Eamonn. I'll get my scientific friends to check out your hypothesis.

Rhein said...

Those who are interested in the LHC should check out CERN's Youtube channel.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. That's just the way I imagined Him to be!