Friday, 12 September 2008

Jeremy Paxman frustrated!

The penny has dropped with a loud thud for Jeremy. He's just realised that being a middle-class white male is the ultimate career stopper at the BBC.

"The worst thing you can be in this industry is a middle-class white male. If any middle-class white male I come across says he wants to enter television I say: 'Give up all hope.' They've no chance."

To which I respond: ho, ho fucking ho! Jeremy, you've been devoured by the beast that you helped incubate, nurse and foist on an unsuspecting public. Welcome to the real world.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, savant but what is your take on Jacob Zuma being let off the hook in South Africa.

on the main topic Paxman has effectively helped sow the seeds of distruction for white males in the BBC.

SAVANT said...

Anonymous, my view on Zuma is simple: he's a typical African 'leader'. Poweer is mine, i take my choice of wives and chattels, I look after my own, and hold on to power until physically forced to leave.

He'll just speed up the descent of SA to Zim status.

Anonymous said...

"AAs they soweth, so shall they reap"

Anonymous said...

Rod Liddle recently wrote an article about the real power brokers in the BBC. It was in the Daily Mail a few weeks back. (Google BBC/Paxman/Liddle)

His main point was, and I agree with him, is that power and influence is still in the hands of an elite group of public school educated white men who do not understand the country.

Here is a quote:

'The positions of power are still largely held by men who went to Charterhouse or Eton, but they have imposed upon the corporation beneath them - and upon the viewing public - a cringing political correctness, buttressed by silly quotas and that evil oxymoron, positive discrimination.'

It is well worth reading in full.


SAVANT said...

The article suggested by Jockney is indeed excellent, and from a somewhat surprising source. Well worth a read.