Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Educational apartheid in the UK?

Lee Jasper is one of the army of ‘race equality advisors’ that infest the whole Western world. (You won't find them anywhere else, by the way, despite which, the West is the only bad boy on race). He was born to a white fucking idiot woman and a Jamaican ‘father’ (in Jamaican terms a father’s role ends once he’s impregnated the woman), who left the mother shortly after Lee was born. Lee takes after the old man. He has literally a dozen children by half a dozen different women, and was fired from his ‘job’ as ‘race advisor’ to London’s ex-Mayor Ken Livingstone.

This followed a number of scandals, including a charge of sexual harassment and the ‘inappropriate disposal’ of £500,000 of taxpayers’ money. He was acquitted of the latter after an ‘internal investigation’ – i.e. an investigation set up by himself, and Ken declaimed "I trust Lee with my life”. Obviously guilty, then.

Now Lee wants to reintroduce educational apartheid. This follows a research report from Warwick University which unearthed the stunning news that black Caribbean students are “less likely to be entered for higher-tier science and maths exams because of low teacher expectations”. It also noted “that black Caribbean pupils are among those more likely to be excluded from school, or have special educational needs, including behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.”

Well now, isn't that amazing? And there was me, thinking that Caribbean blacks were model students, all going on to take the science and engineering arenas by storm. Just shows the value of Social Studies departments in universities, doesn’t it? Where would we be without ground-breaking reports like that?

Lee says it's “time the black community ran its own schools, with black teachers and black governors”. Now did I ever think the day would come when I'd be on my knees with gratitude to an Equality Industry parasite such as Lee? Just imagine, all the blacks having their own schools (behind barbed wire fences). Too good to be true.

And as we all know, the cause of this failure is not low IQ and/or lousy work ethic, rather it’s due to, as Lee calls it, "institutional racism" within education. We know that, Lee. Of course. He then went on to say that black schools and colleges could prove to be a "beacon of excellence" for the black community, before collapsing with laughter .

"The fact is, it's time the black community ran its own schools, devised a curriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching” Well, and there was me thinking it was only whites who won't assimilate and that race was a social construct, with us all being the same under the skin.

Where could I have picked up those ideas? Anyway, he reassures us that “the US has many historically black colleges and universities. They cater for the needs of the African American and they excel”

Yes indeed. As a former academic I can think of…..er….well, none, actually.

Still, let’s not get pedantic.

One comment in particular interests me from the last quotation “employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching”. Hello Lee! There are already thousands of such schools. In Africa. Any chance, Lee, that you’ll decamp over there, together with your, er students?

No, you say?

I didn’t think so.

Now as I said, I'm an enthusiastic supporter of this initiative – really – and to help it along I hereby offer, completely free, my input to the curriculum that, as Lee puts “suits the needs of our children of which I have at least a dozen

Ebonic Curriculum

Module 1: Elementary Mugging

Module 2: Stab-proof vest design principles

Module 3: Practical housebreaking – tools and techniques

Module 4: Narcotics logistics and evasion techniques

Module 5: Managing a brothel: Practice and principles

Module 6 (optional): How to be understood in English

I'm actually beginning to feel quite excited about this venture!


Kilbarry1 said...

Several years ago I spoke to a very old Holy Ghost priest who had spent decades in Nigeria. I asked him what he thought had gone wrong. He said that the British had got out too quickly - many more years of colonial rule were needed to bring black Africans up to western standards.

I was much more PC then but I figured that he had a lot more experience (compared to my Nil) so I didn't give him any moralising lectures.

The western powers pulled out of Africa because they had been demoralised by their experiences in the Second World War where France was beaten and Great Britain lost its leading role. That turned out to be a disaster for Africa and for the West also. We no longer believe in anything so we are unable even to enforce our laws re illegal immigrants. They are "Victims" and that's all that counts!

Anonymous said...

This Jasper guy has cottoned on to another opportunity to get his paws on taxpayer's money. No doubt about, that whats behind this.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a school with exclusively black children and exclusively black teachers might make it more difficult to blame "low teacher expectations", "institutional racism" etc.

Anonymous said...

I just love the biting sarcasm!!

Anonymous said...

'biting sarcasm' is all thats there. nothing else of a productive or analytical nature. not much of an achievement, is it?

Anonymous said...

kilbarry is dead right. we've lost our way.

Anonymous said...

kilbarry is dead right. we've lost our way.

Anonymous said...

@anony 9.24 - yep, indeed! You neatly encapsulated the African ability to produce and analyse! No achievements other than the ability to destroy what whitey has created.
They did it in Africa and now they are in the process of doing it in the UK and Europe. And we in SA are pissing ourselves with laughter, because sooner or later, hope its sooner though, a helluva lot of PC libbies are going to catch a mighty wake up - and then, then it will be too late! Nyaaahahaaha!!

Anonymous said...

Doodler - its too late already. The reproduction rates of Africans here means that they'll reach critical mass pretty soon. I suppose we deserve it, but were the ordinary people ever asked if we wanted?

Anonymous said...

You South Africans are going to have to learn to work together. As a joint project take over Namibia.

No Helen Suzmans allowed.

Anonymous said...

Half a century ago blacks demonstrated to get out of their own schools, now they want that back? Nothing whitey does will never, ever be right, not as long as there are ANY successful societies or communities left anywhere.

All the top 70 Human Development Index countries are either white, asian, latin or have oil (apart from some little Islands that thrive on tourism). There is not a single country in that list with a large coloured or African community that are _not_ immigrants and people of Arabic cultures only reach there because whitey wants oil and has provided the technology with which to reach and process it - otherwise they'd be herding camels and shooting each other with Cold War arms stock much like any North Africans without oil.

As long as this condition exists there is nothing, nothing at all we can do to stop the whining and accusations of racism, discrimination and colonialism or imperialism that enables us to have rather stable and wealthy societies - of course due "exploitation". Since everyone knows that Norway, Estonia, Germany, Ireland or Switzerland can only maintain their current standards by savagely exploiting the black man.

Yeah nobody bothers most of the Russians or East-Europeans, why? They'd tell you to fucking shove it and go back to either Somalia, or Sweden if the Somali social welfare system is not up to your standards.

I wonder, will all of us have to migrate due east to escape this shit in some decades and leave the former West to ruin... Because there are no advantages, no amount of benefits, loot and treasure, no extent of positive discrimination (sorry I mean Affirmative Action) that would bring about any situation in which Africans or Muslims can reach what the Western countries enjoy.

Unless how people think changes and PC-politics are thrown out the window, which I doubt, since that would be racist, the only option is ruin. Even when the walls shatter around us and the sky is falling, we'd still be looking into how "racism" and "exploitation" made it come about.

SAVANT said...

too true, zngr, too true.