Monday, 8 September 2008

Ebonic hurricanes

Thanks to Doodler for this valuable piece of information. This is not a joke - honestly. Check it out yourself!

Well, it appears our African-American friends have found even more to be pissed off about. A black congresswoman reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names. The congressional newspaper The Hill reported this week that Sheila Jackson Lee, of Houston, feels that the current names are too "lily white," and is seeking to have better representation for names reflecting African-Americans and other ethnic groups.

"All racial groups should be represented," Lee said, according to The Hill. She hoped federal weather officials "would try to be inclusive of African-American names." She would prefer some names that reflect African-American culture such as Chamiqua, Tanisha, Woeisha, Shaqueal, and Jamal.

One reader wrote:

"You can be sure if there were too many 'black' names assigned to hurricanes, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee would instead be complaining that this practice unfairly stereotypes blacks as violent."

She would also like the weather reports to be broadcast in 'language' that street people can understand because one of the problems that happened in New Orleans was, that black people couldn't understand the seriousness of the situation, due to the 'racially biased language' (i.e plain English) of the weather report.

I guess if the weather person says that the winds are going to blow at 140+ MPH, that's too hard to understand I can hear it now: A weatherman in New Orleans says...

"Wazzup, mutha-fukkas! Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be head' in' fo' yo ass like Leroy on a crotch rocket! Bitch be a category fo'! So, turn off dem chitlins, grab yo' chirren, leave yo crib, and head fo' de nearest FEMA office fo yo FREE shit!"


Anonymous said...

I'll start a multicultural blog in Ebonics so the Africans can figure out what's in it.

Muh free bling iz dob bin ihn uh dem muhlk offiz

Dat ho bin getting det behnufit

Muhfugen ho

Anonymous said...

Hang on, don't we have hurricane Ike at the moment? Remember him, Ike Turner, used to bash hie wife about? Black lad wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

Hurricanes are violent, destructive and unpredictable, leave a trail of havoc in their wake, leave the mess for soembody else to clean up........

Anonymous said...

I only read about this today (on a thread about Detroit as you could not doubt guess) so the racist white media have been keeping this unfortunate downtrodden woman downtrodden!

For shame Ted Turner and you sickos at CNN!