Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Corrupting young minds

The fascinating extract below can be interpreted as showing the malignant impact of unquestioning religious and nationalistic indoctrination on impressionable young children. And it certainly does that. However, it has another possible interpretation as well. It underlines the enduring strength of “The Other”. By that I mean people will apply entirely different value to those outside their own tribe, religion or whatever, and treat them accordingly.

A depressing thought, but leads one to the inevitable conclusion that attempts to forcefully integrate ‘The Other’ into Western society are going to cause rapidly escalating problems over the coming years.

The study I refer to was carried out by Israeli psychologist George Tamarin (1966, 1973). He asked a group of children to evaluate the morality of what Joshua did to the inhabitants of Jericho. Now Joshua was an ideal role model for Mohammed, and later on Hitler, Stalin and, up to the present day, Mugabe.

For those heathens among you who don't know, here’s what he did to Jericho:

“Then they utterly destroyed all in the city, both men and women, young and old, oxen, sheep, and asses, with the edge of the sword ... And they burned the city with fire, and all within it; only the silver and gold, and the vessels of bronze and of iron, they put into the treasury of the house of the LORD”

Mohammed would have been proud of that.

Anyway, Tamarin presented Joshua 6:20-21 to 1,066 school children, ages 8-14, in order to test "the effect of uncritical teaching of the Bible on the propensity for forming prejudices (particularly the notion of the 'chosen people,' the superiority of the monotheistic religion, and the study of acts of genocide by biblical heroes)."

The children's answers to the question "Do you think Joshua and the Israelites acted rightly or not?" were categorized as follows: " 'A' means total approval, 'B' means partial approval or disapproval, and 'C' means total disapproval." Across a broad spectrum of Israeli social and economic classes,

66% of responses were "A,"
8% "B,"
26% "C."

Some of the "C" misgivings included “I think Joshua did not act well as they could have spared the animals for themselves” and “I think Joshua did not act well as he should have left the property of Jericho; if he had not destroyed the property it would have belonged to the Israelites.”

Now here’s the interesting bit:

As a control group, Tamarin tested 168 children who were read Joshua 6:20-21 with "General Lin" substituted for Joshua and a "Chinese Kingdom 3000 years ago" substituted for Israel. General Lin got a 7% approval rating, with 18% giving partial approval or disapproval, and 75% disapproving totally.

Does that prove my point, or what?

You can read a more detailed report here


Anonymous said...

They're superior, that's it. Problem is they gonna get killed with the Western world sinking, so they have some shortsightedness too it seems.

Anonymous said...

8 year olds...a drastic improvement in the credibility of your sources

SAVANT said...

I dont understand either of those comments....

Anonymous said...

This example was highlighted in Dawkins' 'God Delusion'. It's all about us and them, people are malleable and few think for themselves. Extreme Islam is the most virulent religious code, although extreme Christians and Jews can hold they're ground with the best of them. It's all about power structures, the belief ín itself is irrelevant; it's more to do with identity, belonging and structures in society. It's just the nature of the beast-humans I mean, tribal instinct etc.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11.19 is spot on.

Anonymous said...

An interesting point came up on German television the other night. They were debating integration, or rather the lack of it, with regard to Turks in Germany. A poll was carried out amongst Turkish immigrants with the question,'Would you have problems with your son or daughter marrying a German?' In the over 50 age group 35% of Turks said they would have a problem with this. Interestingly, when it came to the 24-35 age cohort 55% said they would have a problem with it. That means things are getting worse, not better when it comes to integration, largely due to the influence of extreme Muslim groups acting in mosques, community groups etc. In one generation attitudes and positions have become more entrenched than ever and this trend is likely to continue. In short, integration does not work; multi-culturism is a lie. You'd have to be blind not to realise this. The one time in my life I ever felt really afraid and vunerable was when I strayed into the Arab quarter of Perpingnan. I'd recommend our friend Lenihan try that some day.

Anonymous said...

Anaon 8.21

I remember wandering into the Arab quarter of Marseilles thirty odd years, during the day though, and not feeling a bit concerned. I do not think that would be the case today.


kerdasi amaq said...

with any luck he'd never come out, and Ireland would be a slightly better place. One less 'Common Purpose' hack in the world.

kerdasi amaq said...

with any luck he'd never come out, and Ireland would be a slightly better place. One less 'Common Purpose' hack in the world.

Anonymous said...

Who'd never come out?

lochmajor said...

There is a video on this that is a must watch. Basicly, SCIENCE has caught up to the holocaust story. The Aushwitz video shows how absurd the gassing stories are, and it is a must see, as Aushwitz still stands today, and what they said 60 years ago will not stand up to any scientific inquirey, or is impossible, and yet again, Poland 'officially' reduced the number who died from 4 million to 1 million. That must have sent shockwaves.

Gas was used, in special German designed rooms, for delousing etc, so that is where the idea came from. Unloading gassed victims by the millions would be impossible. There were creamatoriums for people who dies, who could not be buried onsite. Its about 16 a day. It would be impossible to 'kill' by gas, and then burn 2000 bodies, the amount of fuel would be like 5 tons a day, impossible.

Also, cremating bodies don't give off a smell. There is no odor or stench of death, as has been described.

Basicly, the story is that Himmler did not want German soldiers to execute prisoners with guns, because it was 'too gory' and he did not want German soldiers to become 'thugs' (like the Soviets), so a 'final solution' had to be devised.

But gassing would be so inefficient, and no bodies found (they did extensive autopsies for WAR CRIME TRIALS, they obviously HAD to) have been gased to death. None.

There is no record of anyone found dead who have been gassed. They used crematorieums for typhus, etc deaths, they had to, could not bury the bodies.

If you are a fence sitter, I think there should be a thread for fencesitters, with all the new stories, all the links, to the videos that are banned everywhere. Surprised they are still on the internet.

When was the holocaust story first challenged? That is what I would like to know.
"..if i jaywalked in Copenhagen, people would yell at me in Danish [and angrily], but they let "turd world vermin" do as they please, and support them with welfare, apartments an free medical."