Monday, 22 September 2008

Bush is no conservative

Many liberals, and almost everyone on this side of the Atlantic, class GW Bush as a conservative, arch-conservative or even a neoconservative. I've argued a number of times in this blog that he's none of those things.

He's a right-wing radical with Fascist overtones. Now I know that Fascism, along with racist and Nazi, has lost most of its meaning, being used as a term of abuse and an argument stopper for the peecee set. But in his flag-waving aggression in foreign policy, his crony capitalism, his contempt for the rule of law, diplomacy and a free media, Bush exhibits many of its characteristics.

He's presided over an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the poor and middle classes to the super-rich and taken on Constitution-busting powers for the Executive Branch. While he's outdone himself in the latest rescue of his cronies and supporters on Wall Street, even I found the following hair-raising. Here's a clause from the rescue package (put together by ex-Wall Streeters Paulsen and Bernanke, aided by a raft of current criminals executives from the Street Of Shame).

Here it is:

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

This means in effect that billions, possibly trillions of dollars are being taken from American taxpayers and being transferred to failed financial institutions. This is being arranged by former and current executives from these institutions, and there can be no review or examination of the way this was done.

Would Robert Mugabe have the neck to propose this?

So where was the explosion of outrage from the MSM?

There was none - predictably. Paulsen was given kid glove treatment by the New York Times and the networks, presented with soft questions which he easily batted away. No mention of this dictatorship clause.

Anybody still disagree with me that the US is going to hell in a handcart?


Rhein said...

Actually i would say Bush is more extreme left than extreme right. He's as much a marxist as the liberals. Did he try to stop immigration, multiculturalism, foreign influences and the dispossession of his people? No, then he's no right-winger.

What's the difference between a liberal and a neocon?

The name of their party.

A big mistake people make is to give the monopoly of wars and 'fascism' to the right, wich is far from the truth. Leftists are as violent as rightists and even more greedy. Remember it was Clinton, a liberal, who practically invaded Kosovo and murdered about 70 children by gasing them in Waco, Texas.

Have i posted the link about cultural marxism here before? If not there it is. If i did then forgive my bad memory... I'm sure people will notice how much the article describes our societies, or where they're headed at the very least and also notice how bush is endorsing and implementing what's written there.

And while i'm at it here's one that explains a bit the republican-democrat paradigm going on in the US and all our countries for that matter.

Anonymous said...

"Anybody still disagree with me that the US is going to hell in a handcart?"

You'r to conservative. The USA is already in hell and the handcart melted a longtime ago.

Anonymous said...

Y'all a bunch of cracker head biggots.

You know several well informed academics of all races who have studied the mindset and actions of the cracker have concluded that the only way to eradicate racism is to get rid of white culture and race as we know it AKA the exclusive popcorn player club. Now they've been met with much criticism. Why? Because rationally those academics make sense but their logic opens them up to one fault: the cracker can justify any action no matter how cruel or selfish to defend the survivial of their culture and society (and we all know how cruel the cracker can be if he isn't opposed and feels justified). It is irrational for someone to simply accept the extinction of their identity. We need to be working towards a single race world, y'all need to change. Its supposed to be happening by dilution of generation by ain't, and if it is it's taking too long!

Now, the world has poised itself in the most unusual of predicaments at the moment. The last time something as unusual as this happened imperialism and world war 1 were fresh. Unfortunately for the cracker - they won't be coming out as a super powerful superior type this time.

Obama is no communist but he certainly is neutral - the US ain't gonna back no crazy cracker country now. We all know how different the world would be (not to my favour) if the US hadn't got involved in WW2. Thats the thing about us folk, we learn from the mistakes of the cracker. I ain't talking about a war or violence but a definate REVOLUTION. The financial situation in the US is such that billions of tax payer funds will be directed towards paying off bad debt mortgages over the next 2 or more years. Lower the requirements to get a mortgage and bad debt will follow. What is the biggest floor of the investment banks? They are owned by the taxpayer. Who will bail them out? The taxpayer. When in need of the tax payers dollar, what is the big bulky non-comparible part of the US budget to cut down on? Hmm.... it starts with a D cracker.

Now whats been happening with the brothers in Southern Africa. Well it has never been more socialist orientated. We got South Africa (Zuma), Zimbabwe (Mugabe), Zambia (like Mbeki, Mwanawasa the middle ground man is gone - do y'all crackers know whose lined up to replace him? I suggest you do your reading, particularly as you say in the "non-pc" media), Malawi, Nambia, Mozambique. Some might seem neutral but they will unite into a Southern African strong hold.

Now this is all getting in place to be lined up to play out as soon as this year and will be well on its way within the next 2 years.

You wonder why Israel revamped its government recently? Do you crackers watch what other unusual events be happening in this world? Do y'all know about the violence in Pakistan? Can you dumbass crackers put any link between the above and internal EU conflict with Russia. Now, ask yourself why so many unusual once-off events have happened this year? This shit be historic! Naaah, you be interested in small microscopic shit like seeing all them new immigrants walkin yo streets, silly silly cracker!

Why would I tell you this? Because it is clear that the cracker in the next 2 years will lose his standing in terms of his biggot, conservative and destructive agendas that rule this world. At the very least we gonna be a more respected race. Y'all can't explain your racist opinions other than "empirical evidence" and "gut feels" instead of academic thought. Well the gut feel of the cracker has proven to be pure evil over the last 100 years and its time for balance in the world. So I tell you this for you crackers to change the way you think and accept that we are no longer a force to be trampled on but people who want EQUALITY in this world. A more equal world, more equal cultures, societies, economies....everything nicely balanced! Change! I suggest you start accepting them Nigerians cause Africa is going to be the next super power. BYE BYE POPCORN PLAYER CLUB! Hello, multiculturalism!

When did the crackers first revolution take place? 1434 when the first ships from China reached France. Well the ships of China have reached Africa - from North to South! You should have travelled the world abit cause your minds are closed and its your downfall. Y'all just lucky the interests of the Jews is remotely similar or else you wouldn't be as strong!

Anonymous said...

WTF is this 'cracker' guy on about???


Zngr said...

He be talking about the REVOLUTION and he be talking about the new modern renaissance that be on our doorstep. It's World War Three but it don't have to be about killing.
Us cracker ass motherfuckers not seen what up around us, we don't seen what's coming since we don't know what's behind us.

1434 was the year the Chinese Fleet arrived in France and triggered a renaissance just when the crackas were about to break from the dark ages. But ya'll don't know nothing about that shit.

The Chinese be coming again. They be are already in Africa and the next renaissance be coming, only this time it's not the whitey who gonna be on top. Obama ain't gonna save us. It's a socialist revolution where the races are gonna get even and this time it's gonna play different and the cracker ass will be put on it's place for GOOD.

Seriously, I don't know what the hell that guy is about and you can only guess who typed the rant or why... You know the last renaissance fire up an age of European dominance and the last time something as big was up was before WW2, but this time it's not going to happen who the devil whitey wants it or something muhfugen muh dick.

kind regards to everyone,
your Cracker Ass,

Anonymous said...

rhein - it's really pushing it to say the turd is extreme left. One of the basic tenets of leftism is to soak the rich and give to the poor. That this seldom hapopens is beside the point. Fact is, Bush is Robin Hood in revers, as far from leftist positions as is possible.


Rhein said...

Anon sounds like one of those simian marxists from SA. If you want 'equality' boy then go right ahead and make something of yourselves and your countries. Dispossession won't advance your worthless race as SA and the US has clearly shown us.

You got a first world nation on a silver platter and now it looks like Zimbabwe and that's the reason the world isn't equal, because races aren't. The future belongs to Whites and eastern Asians, anyone with half a brain can see this.

But by all mean prove me wrong and show us poor cracker how it's done, i mean since apparently blacks are the oldest race on the planet shouldn't they be our elders, the light of humanity showing us the way? As opposed to the wretched loads and savages they actually are...

SAVANT said...

i have a feeling this anon guy (crackers) is taking the piss out of us.

Tasha said...

does talking the piss mean pulling our legs?
I see posters on the internet on US sites who use the cracker word so he could easily be a racist black guy .
Many of them want older whites dead and talk openly about great it will be when all the older whites are dead. There are many genocidal persons of color out there.

SAVANT said...

Yes, taking the piss means pulling your leg. Now answer me this: What does cracker mean, at least as this guy uses it?

Tasha said...

"cracker" is a hate word for white people . It is the white equivalent of "nigger" in terms of being insulting.
calling a white person a cracker in the US can be a hate crime.
seriously. let's say someone murders someone but the really important thing is what they s-a-i-d before the murder of the victim, so the police can decide whether the murder was a hate crime.
gallows humour for you! They really do this. it's nuts.

Zngr said...

Savant - "Cracker" is a racist term for white people used in USA. I think it derives from the whiteys cracking their whips on the backs of the blacks to energize them for picking that cotton a little faster. Those lazy bastards.

When a nigger calls you a cracker ass bitch it's exactly the same thing as a white supremacist calling a black a stupid goddamn nigger ought to be shot. Naturally, saying cracker is still ok though but saying nigger is not.

Him mentioning the year 1434, when supposedly "the Chinese fleet reached France and started a renaissance" has to mean he is taking a piss (don't ask why I'd know about this loonie theory...) since nobody takes that seriously. But he isn't pissing in the wind completely, I don't think anyone'd come up with all of that in a couple of seconds just to annoy others. He uses American terms, yet adds odd connotations to "popcorn player" and appears not to be from USA. There is a an odd logic for a socialist revolution and emergence of something world changing (of racial equality i.e. giving everything to the blacks so they can fuck it up) connecting the dots that appear random. At least for those who wish to believe such things, like maybe a semi-literate marxist coon from SA.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the cracker and further explanations folks. Just shows how far off the mark I am in understanding a lot of this stuff.

Zngr said...

I just thought of something, which is also the reason why the white man should stop trying to help the black man at once and forever. It is impossible.

Thanks for the anon "cracker" joker for making me think again what would result if the dreams of the blacks who seek success by dispossessing others would come to fruition.

See it's like this, the situation in Africa is caused by the whiteys and colonialism right. The tribulations of the black man in the USA are caused by their past in slavery and their marginalization by the white man (oddly enough in other parts of the world, it is NOT caused by their enslavement by other blacks and the Arabs who still enslave them). The endemic criminality, particularly in residence permit and economic tourism scams, and simultaneous reliance on welfare handouts in Europe are caused by "structural racism" which somehow forces them to not attend to school and not learn the language and not get a job and continue industriously to commit crime.

In South-Africa they were GIVEN a fucking first world country to run and it's already a disaster. Why? Because of the white man, duh! Now that they have a country and run it to the ground it's because the White Man repressed them in the PAST so they are forced to dismantle a society TODAY instead of applying some modicum of sensible management. If the black man can't govern himself even THAT is the fault of the white man but if the whitey governs them, then it's oppression. Hence nothing can be done. What is worse the MSM and the Leftists of the civilized world do their utmost to hold up this illusion thus blocking the blacks further.

So imagine if the whitey would give the blacks, say, a couple of juicy states in the USA or maybe UK and France in Europe, supposedly without the emotional baggage that forces them to fail in SA. Just leave 'em there and fuck off to Antarctica. They'd just run those to the ground in one third of a generation and STILL blame the whites for any number of reasons. Having a history of marginalization on their backs due to colonization, or whatever. We can just be sure they'd blame whites.

When the world doesn't bear a single white upon it the blacks, cordoned and living in the wastelands the Chinese leave for them, will sit by their trashcan fires and reminiscent how the Man used to oppress them a century or two ago and still reaches at them with ghostly tendrils of white influence from beyond the grave, thus forcing them to sit around trashcans not having the good life.

The idea that the whites are the root cause of everything the blacks have done or do permeates every aspect of thinking so deeply it paralyzes any effort to bring about a successful future for everyone by stopping us from taking the only right steps. Wish I was just joking.

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that Bush is the real President.

The real reason that Dick Cheney is not running for President; is that he doesn't want a third term in office. He's done all he wants to do without the hassle of justifying his actions in public.

Bush cops all the flak for that.

Anonymous said...

Could be right about Cheney. Bush is an MT vessel.


Rhein said...

I agree with anon, that's how i've always viewed the Bush administration. Bush junior at the bottom, Cheney and Rumsfeld in the middle and papa Bush pulling the strings.

Anonymous said...

Bush is a very competent and good president. He is a wise leader. His reputation needs some time to get healed, but it will.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 22.22 says "Bush is a very competent and good president. He is a wise leader. His reputation needs some time to get healed, but it will."

You're joking, right?


Webspin said...

As a real conservative, I could never have voted for the idiot. It was all I could do to run for the remote to mute out in innate tripe emanating from his pea sized brain.

Exept for his wacked religious views, he instituted the typical unjust society of every leftist in history.