Saturday, 2 August 2008

UK slips even further into dhimmitude

If you needed any more proof that Great Britain has sunk to new depths of dhimmitude you need to look no further than to Crown Court Judge Frank Chapman.

Judge Chapman recently presided over the two week trial of Hassan Tabbakh, a Syrian muslim asylum seeker, a physics graduate who also studied chemistry, and a fan of Al Qaeda, who was recently found guilty of a single count of preparing for acts of terrorism contrary to the 2006 Terrorism Act.

Specifically Hassan "attempted to make bombs using nitrocellulose, fertiliser, white spirit and acetone, and had made handwritten notes stipulating the design of the devices". The bombs that he was convicted of building were well on their way to being capable of causing major injuries, death and destruction.

Now would you believe that while passing sentence on this convicted terrorist -the judge felt the need to offer up an apology/ explanation??? A terrorist who clearly wanted to murder British people? The same people who gave him a safe home and new life?

Well that is exactly what happened:

The judge wanted to be sure that Tabbakh didn't misunderstand the reasons behind his conviction and jail sentence thus "Judge Chapman stressed that Tabbakh was not being punished for his fundamentalist Muslim beliefs or his support for al Qaida or similar organisations". The judge told Tabbakh: "Provided you do not actively engage in terrorist activity, it's not a crime to hold those views."

Well I don't know about you but I feel relieved that the Judge Chapman told a fundamentalist muslim convicted terrorist that supporting Al Qaeda met with the judge's approval and support- we wouldn't want Tabbakh to think that the UK judicial system frowned upon a terrorist organisation now --would we?

The British people will also be happy to learn that Hassan Tabbakh was granted asylum in the UK and will be able to return to live amongst these same generous and hospitable people - whom he thanked by wanting to blast them to smithereens - when he is released from jail.

Maybe then the police will also return the £3,000 that they found under Tabbakh's bed that he received as compensation from a local council that had provided him with "poor" accommodation.

You truly couldn't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

"UK Police Investigate Racist Irish Website" - new subject on website under "Current Affairs".

I'm not sure what website it is but watch out Savant - you may be next!

Anonymous said...

I think you're struggling to find good stories to put a cynical spin on.

This actually isn't that bad. The judge still punished him. Maybe he was trying to prevent a possible future bomber from spending his time in jail getting increasingly bitter.

£3000 from the local council is madness though.

SAVANT said...

Wouldn't be surprised anonymous 16.23. A guy in Finlnd was jailed for 'hate'. Hate being the expression of views that maube lots of blacks in the country not a good idea. Scary stuff.

SAVANT said...

Anonymous 22.31, I can see what the judge was getting at, but i feel he shouldn't have felt obliged to explain to this guy. He should a) never have been allowed in, and b) should be put on the 1st plane to Syria when he gets out of jail, so the judge then wouldnt need to worry about his becoming 'embittered'. Seems embittered enough as he is, planning to blow up his 'fellow cigtizens'

kerdasi amaq said...

The people who govern Britain are really insane!