Friday, 11 July 2008

The truth that dares not speak its name

Adam Eastmond, 18, is a splendid young man - a living testament to diversity. Mind you, Adam has a bit of form. Two years ago he stabbed one Gavin Brown with an eight-inch Rambo-style knife in front of 50 children at a play area in south London. Gavin died shortly afterwards.

That's bad. But there's good news too. Adam, after serving 18 months, has been released and is now seeking to purchase a new knife back in his old stomping grounds. But it was tough, very tough for him. "18 months mightn't seem long, but it ruined my life and robbed my mother of her son". Saying he doesn't believe in having regrets, it obviously hasn't crossed his mind that his actions robbed another mother of her son. Permanently, not for 18 months. Adam says he doesn't intend to apologies to this particular mother.

And they left him out after 18 months. And they wonder why knife crime is rife in the UK.

There's a subtext to this of course, one that dares not speak its name: the knife crime epidemic is almost totally a black phenomenon. About 70% of the victims and 90% of the killers are black. But that's never said. And they profess to be trying to find a solution.

Sky News had a whole day this week devoted to the subject. They interviewed all and sundry. Criminals, gang members, survivors, relatives of all of these. With few exceptions, they were black. How in the name of Jesus can people profess to be looking for a solution, when the one common denominator is beyond the scope of discussion?

Just another example of how peecee multi-culturalism is killing the West.


Corrupt √Čire said...

"How in the name of Jesus can people profess to be looking for a solution, when the one common denominator is beyond the scope of discussion?"

Excellently put Savant. Seems the west has collectively given up on reality. Doesnt work both ways though.

Anonymous said...

'70% of the victims', the upside of knifecrime.

Anonymous said...

I came here via the Race and Pyschopathy page.

I give you N(quelque chose) Diallo, Pamela Izevbekhai and Crystal Mangum.

All have some previous form and after Mangum, who tried to rundown a police officer in a stolen taxi, was let off an attempted murder charge "because of her suffering" it was predicted that she would murder someone and she did.

Diallo lied on her sylum application.

Izevbekhai has so many children that she somethings forgets how many she has had and when faced with deportation neglects to runaway with her daughters who are left behind facing deportation such that they could be deported whereas she did not want to behindered by having two "surviving" children put her in dnager of deportation.

motoboy said...

No question but that blacks have more psychpathic personalities. No question about it.