Saturday, 26 July 2008

Dhimmi Britain goes down, down, down.......

Reading this news article you might think you’ve stepped into a twilight zone of reality - a place where right is wrong and wrong is right.

Grandmother of three and local Liberal Democrat Councillor, Jo Calvert-Mindell, weary from months of sleepless nights due to drunken, noisy University of Kent college students finally decided it was time to complain to the students:

She said: "I shouted to them: "Why can't you go back to where you come from and make some noise there -- I bet your families and neighbours wouldn't put up with it. "Why should we have to put up with it -- you go back to where you came from and we live here all the time -- you don't care about us and do just as you like."

Cllr Calvert-Mindell felt that she had been the victim of noisy, unruly behaviours. True, but a big mistake nonetheless. Problem was, the group contained two "Asian" (peecee-speak for Muslim) students. Thus immediately the racism bomb was prepared by the Muslim students and she was carted off by the UK dhimmified police!

"But in March she found herself under arrest her first ever brush with the law after two members of the group of Asian origin complained that she had been racist towards them. On April 30 she was officially charged with the offence and on May 14 she appeared in the dock of Folkestone Magistrates Court where she denied one charge of using racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour under section 5 of the Public Order Act. "

After all --how dare this woman speak to Muslims in any manner but deference and dhimmitude? Chip-on-their-shoulder Muslims have learned that their complaining about racism-- or any other act or deed that Muslims may offensive will always bring the desired result of public embarrassment and/or legal costs (‘lawfare’) or worse, e.g. throat slit upon whomever chose to question, complain to or disagree with said Muslims.

Miss Calvert- Mindell expressed her own outrage: 'Their colour had nothing to do with it - it was their behaviour. 'I think there is something very wrong in our society when a resident can't go out and try and prevent crime and disorder and encourage the defendants to go back home and that they can then play the race card to completely absolve themselves of responsibility for that behaviour.

Perhaps a bit of irony is in play as the UK's Liberal Democrat Party has been busily pandering to Muslims for some time and is considered a consistent supporter of Muslim causes. Perhaps she can get together with another female politician who also recently experienced the sting of Muslim retaliation - interestingly also named Calvert - former Mayor of Kirklees, Jean Calvert, who was brought to tears – stupid bitch - when the same Muslim men she has so handily pandered to for years - refused to have their picture taken with her.


Anonymous said...

Was going to say unbelievable, but its all too believable

rob said...

Our generation will never produce a Swift or an Orwell: satire is impossible these days. Reality is galloping way ahead of anything a satirist could dream up.

Anonymous said...

I weep for my country.