Saturday, 7 June 2008

Why do we succumb to a PC minority?

I print below a very interesting Comment to my post on the Dublin inner city school with no Irish infant for next year.

The comment comes from Anonymous. I can understand why so many commentators cannot fly under their own colours in this Stalinist PC environment, but why not at least use a nom de guerre to distinguish all the Anonymouses?

Anyway, s/he makes a point that has always fascinated me – namely, why do we give a free pass to a tiny PC minority to screw up our country? The Irish are a fighting people, yet we allow ourselves be cowed into submission on this vital topic. Maybe it’s a legacy of the way we laid down under the Church for all those years?

Anyway, here’s the comment:

Considering this island’s long and painful struggle to gain its freedom and national independence, do you or your readers ever seriously ponder why it is now that all is being surrendered albeit piece-meal, by our self-serving politicians, and who, for the most part can be so intimidated and terrified by a handful of rabid PC dogmatists.

All that was once so dearly fought for is being casually surrendered to appease a tiny but vociferous minority, whose own agenda will undoubtedly result in turning this country of the future into something much more akin to a mini London or New York. A teeming, soulless place, of superficial tolerance, inhabited by “grey” subservient “Mc People”.

Of course equally clear is that instead of the heavy hand of Catholicism being perpetually upon our shoulder as once in the past, we shall in future be dictated to by self-elected gurus of PC and their Judas-like lawyers. Naturally the well funded State propaganda exercises and other behavioural control tactics which have already been implemented and choreographed are going some way in dampening down the instinctive disquiet felt by many towards the destructive forces which are irrevocably altering the very fabric of this society.

It could also be conceded that in acting as a modern-day substitute for slavery, “multiculturalism” itself serves to appease the greed and the feeding-frenzies of our modern “gombeen men”. But what is difficult to comprehend is why the sheer level of deceit and propaganda so obviously deployed in all of this is not being more openly and actively challenged by many more, honest-minded newspaper journalists, politicians, and individuals such as yourself Savant.

Why have so many conceded so quickly to such empty and false doctrines?Surely the disastrous results of other “multicultural” experiments can not be so lightly cast aside? Shouldn’t they alone be alerting us as to what we too are buying into and even paying through the nose for?

Why, why why???


Spider said...

I couldn't agree more. It's lunacy. Not helped by these people traffickers, one arrested in Lisburn today, and the Gardai uncovered a 12yr old black girl??? Heaven knows what that is all about, but make no mistake this is what is coming, child prostitution and the rest of it.

Now someone tell me how this benefits society????? It's sheer fucking lunacy!!!! Not a mention of it on RTE, no point in letting the people know what is going on.

Spider said...

Excellent article on GB on free speech break down,

Anonymous said...

I have thought about this phenomenon a great deal.

Even in London, where I live, Livingstone could never win more than 15% of the potential vote.

The answer:the only way all this multicultural bullshit could be blasted to smithereens would be by the formation of a large scale political party. People would have to break with Labour, the Tories and the pissy SDP.

However, that would mean the end of democracy. Instead of an MP representing all the people who lived or worked in his constituency he would only represent those people who voted for him.

We more or less have that anyway. Diane Abbot et al represent ethnic minorities only so why not do as they do?


skot german said...

"... being casually surrendered to a tiny and vociferous minority". I doubt that is true. I will bet that the prevailing attitude about multi-culturalism and immigration amongst the Irish is the same as the rest of the Western world; a majority think it is a good thing. They don't know why it is a good thing, but they have constantly told by those they trust that is a good thing and they believe it.

It takes a long time for people to change their mind. It took me years to make the transition from Christian to atheist.

I think attitudes about multi-culturalism and immigration are beginning to change. It will take years, perhaps decades, for attitudes to swing back to what they once were.

Keep up the good work.

SAVANT said...

You could be right. A nation of sheep. A continet of sheep!

Fluoridian said...

But just like England, Germany, Sweden and France, which I have no allegiance to, the brainwashing by the multi-cults wears off, for some, just on the verge of becoming minorities in most of their large cities.

Ireland has a much smaller population than the countries mentioned above and is experiencing alien growth at a much faster rate than these nations ever have. With no end in sight or public debate on the subject matter.

Failure of the multicult social cohesion experiment is repeating itself in Ol' Eire. Much to the distraction of the major Irish political parties, government, RTE and other media outlets.

As I've mentioned anonymously in post(19-3-08 @23:56):
As the Celtic Tiger roar becomes a meow, EU foreign nationals, who work and pay into the system, and closely share values with Ireland, will for the most part pack-up and leave to their country of origin.
Yet, immigration loopholers,illegal squatters and the asylum shyters draining the taxpayer will remain.

Money is taken out of your hard work paycheck to feed, clothe and school their offspring so you can barely afford more than one child in your household.

This is truly the beginning of the end of unique Irish culture.

Fortified with Fluoride,

Anonymous said...

What Flouridian is saying is already happening. A big net exodus of Europeans and other productive groups, while the rest settle down here for their lives of dependancy, crime and maybe a little work here and there.

Martinus said...

Every white nation is being controlled by the media. Even here in my own country (South Africa) liberal whites constantly propound this retarded view of multi-culturalism even though we are dying off because of it. As to the comment on people taking a long time to change their minds; nothing could be further from the truth. I have lived in Europe and whenever I express my views to the PC brigade there, most agree with me. They hide behind a "liberal" fascade because it is the acceptable norm (the thing that all 'good' people do), but when they get the chance to openly air their views without fear of the government/police, you will be suprised what they have to say. Europe is currently going through a paradigm shift. Far right politics is gaining support, i.e. Switzerland - the right wing peoples party is the majority in the canton "raad". Just one example. Even the BNP in the Uk is gaining support in places where they never would have been found before. Don't give up. Europeans are still by far the majority in Europe and you can do something about the filthy boons that infest your cities.

SAVANT said...

I hope you're right Martinus, I sure hope you;re right.