Sunday, 8 June 2008

US walks from UN Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) has become a joke over the years. What else would you expect from a organisation that elects to its governing body human rights luminaries such as Saudi Arabia (I'm not joking), Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and China?

Well, you’d expect that they’d do everything possible to deflect criticism from their own abysmal records, and refocus it on a suitable third party. And that's just what happened. The Council devotes most of its time, not to Darfur, or the slaughter in the Congo, or the depredations of Burma’s generals, or the torture chambers of Arab despot regimes. No, the Council spends the bulk of its time attacking Israel.

As my mother used to say, ‘what would you expect from a pig but a grunt?’

Even Kofi Annan has acknowledged, "We have reached a point at which the commission's declining credibility has cast a shadow on the repu­tation of the United Nations system as a whole, and where piecemeal reforms will not be enough."

Now the US is walking, telling the Council to stick its resolutions up its collective arse.


Reuters tells us: The United States has quietly informed Western allies of its intention to walk away from the U.N. Human Rights Council, diplomatic sources said on Friday. The U.S. delegation has observer status, with the right to speak, in the 47-member state forum, which meets in Geneva, and has never stood for election to the Council since it was set up two years ago.

Diplomatic sources and rights activists said that U.S. officials had informed the European Union on Friday morning of its intention to halt its involvement in the Council. "They said they were going to disengage totally," said one representative of a rights watchdog group.

In a Council debate on Friday on the situation in Myanmar, the United States failed to take the floor on a topic on which until now it has always been vocal, a possible sign that it had little further interest in the body. The Council replaced the widely discredited U.N. Commission on Human Rights.

But it is seen by critics as having fallen under control of a bloc of Islamic and African countries, which have a majority when backed by their frequent allies Russia, China and Cuba.

Now is there any chance that the rest of the Council's Western paymasters will also quit? Not likely, I fear.

(Check this video - a great riposte delivered to the Council and which the Council's President then threatened to ban.)

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