Friday, 20 June 2008

Immigration: A refresh

As you may know, I occasionally go through the Web to see what the world is saying about this site. As you'd expect, the most common reaction is that we're a 'racist hate site'. I've responded to this already here.

But I also see that I'm classed as 'anti-immigrant'. This is not true, or at least it's a gross over-simplification. There are two primary factors involved: quantity and quality. The time-frame of course is also important, the longer the process the easier the assimilation.

Very small quantities of immigrants (say <0.1%> 5%) will have a significant impact, on infrastructure, housing, health and education services etc.

Now move to quality. By quality I don't necessarily mean qualifications or skills, although that comes into it, rather I mean the extent to which the immigrants will impact the host society, and the extent to which they will and can assimilate. While acknowledging that exceptions occur (e.g. honest, hard-working Nigerians, lazy stupid Jews), every immigrant group has its distinct characteristics. These characteristics will determine their impact as immigrants.

So let's classify.

First, anybody coming to Ireland from the 'Anglosphere' (UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc.) will be almost invisible as an immigrant from the day he arrives. Almost a non-issue. Next come 'other Europeans' such as French, Swedes etc.) who also would easily assimilate.

Sweeping up the rear then you have two clear groupings, Africans and Muslims. I needn't go into the suitability of either grouping, as this blog is largely devoted to chronicling their distinct lack of same. Suffice to say that black Africans have fucked everywhere they've gone, and Muslims have caused trouble everywhere they've gone, and even where they've lived for centuries. For the most part the 'host' population won't assimilate with Africans (for very obvious reasons) while the Muslims don't want to assimilate with us. So both of those groups virtually guarantee a balkanisation of our country - or any Western country.

In Ireland, as usual, we've screwed up royally, and on both counts. We've allowed in vast numbers of immigrants (possibly 15% of our population over the last 10 years) and we seem to have carefully selected the worst of them.

We can see the results. Black gettoes, schools, and the beginnings of white flight. Growing demands from Muslims on a whole range of issues as their numbers increase. Both developments inevitably leading to the disaster we see before us every day in England, France, Holland etc.

If opposing this development makes me anti-immigrant, then so be it. But I don't believe it does.


mariner said...

I agree, it doesn't make you anti-immigrant. The shouts of "racist" only serve to shut down a debate that the pro-immigrant lobby has already lost.

Anonymous said...

The Irish population in the 2006 cencus was 3,661.560.

Between 1999 and 2006 , a figure of 725,303 immigrants were granted PPS numbers (Sources: Dept. of Trade and the CSO).

It is reasonable to expect these people had some dependents with them and gave birth while here to more.
So lets say a figure of 100,000,which is probably a conservative estimate.

A figure of approx. 100,000 illegals were granted residency throught the 'Irish Born Child' scheme.

Large numbers of illegal immigants are acknowledged to be here coming via various routes including bogus education courses.
One example is chinese who are reported to be 100,000 strong here.
There are also large illegal immigrant populations including brazilians,pakistanis, nigerians and a variety of other african countries.
It is reasonable to conclude the illegal immigrant population to be 200,000.

There is also a green card scheme in operation which I dont have figures for.

If you add the figures above the total comes to 1,125,303 or 30.7 % of the Irish population.

Yes that figure is 30.7% of the Irish population,that has been the increase in our population from legal and illegal immigration since 1999 to 2006.

If you accept that 500,000 have left Ireland ,even then the immigrant population here would still be 17.07%.

Its reasonable to conclude that there is an immigrant population,legal and illegal here that amounts to 20% of the Irish population and this invasion(and thats an accurate description) has occurred in just 7 years from 1999 to 2006.

Please note there are nt figures available for the years 2007 to 2008 but there is likely an addition of another 100,000 at least.

Frightening stuff.

Kilbarry1 said...

"Suffice to say that black Africans have fucked everywhere they've gone, and Muslims have caused trouble everywhere they've gone, and even where they've lived for centuries. ...... So both of those groups virtually guarantee a balkanisation of our country - or any Western country."

Agreed but keeping them out is only going to DELAY the process of balkanisation. Remember in Limerick a year or so ago when a woman refused to give two young thugs a lift in her car? One of them lobbed a petrol bomb into the car badly burning 2 young children. Burning people alive is an African thing but these thugs were indigineous whites.

Later the woman and her children were moved to another estate for their protection and residents protested because they thought the violence might follow the family. That could be Nigeria!

Also see the following from the Irish Independent on Saturday:

Prison Guards Strike to Win Security Deal on Dumbrell

ONE of Ireland's most dangerous criminals will be accompanied by a minimum of three prison officers every time he leaves his cell, the Irish Independent has learned.
The security arrangements are part of an agreement reached between prison officers and the Prison Service following a wildcat strike yesterday.
Prison officers at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise staged a walkout after learning that Warren Dumbrell had been transferred there, just hours after being convicted of the brutal murder of a father-of-six.
Dumbrell (34) and his brother Jeffrey (28) both received life sentences this week for the fatal stabbing of Christopher Cawley.
Warders said there were major security implications attached to the guarding of Dumbrell, who has a fearsome reputation after leading the Mountjoy Prison riot in 1997.

During the riot, Dumbrell and five other inmates held five prison officers hostage and threatened to inject them with blood-filled syringes.
Dumbrell received a 10-year sentence for this part in the riot and committed Mr Cawley's murder just two months after his early release from prison in August 2006. During his time in prison, he has been responsible for dozens of attacks on prison officers, including one where he attempted to strangle a warder with his shackles.
A major security operation had to be put in place to bring Dumbrell and his brother to and from court during their trial.
Prison officers walked out yesterday morning in an unofficial action, after locking down the prison after breakfast.
Instead of going to classes and workshops, inmates were confined to their cells for an hour while prison officers protested outside the prison. The prison officers returned to work after management agreed to discuss security arrangements for Dumbrell with them.
Both the Prison Service and the Prison Officers Association said last night the talks had concluded with an agreement.
Although the terms of the agreement were not officially revealed, the Irish Independent has learned that Dumbrell will not be able to freely associate with other inmates.

He will be kept in solitary confinement and will only be allowed out of his cell with a minimum of three experienced prison officers accompanying him. These officers would be experts in control and restraint techniques, and may also be equipped with riot shields if deemed necessary ETC ETC

Saudi Arabia would manage that situation better - by beheading the guy. We used to be able to manage it ourselves and with a minimum of capital punishment. However at this stage the Barbararians are WITHIN the gates and I don't see what we can do about it.

SAVANT said...

Thats true kilbarry1, but at least their our barbarians. we're dealing with them very badly i agree, and although I dont agree with capital punishment, it's clear the Dumbrells should have been locked away for life many years ago.

What i think i s mad is the practice of importing races and cultures that we KNOW are going to cause problems, and for whom we dont have any responsibility.