Saturday, 21 June 2008

Immigration: A Refresh (2)

Anonymous contributed the following via a comment to the last post. Even if half true it it, as he says, frightening.

The Irish population in the 2006 cencus was 3,661.560.Between 1999 and 2006 , a figure of 725,303 immigrants were granted PPS numbers (Sources: Dept. of Trade and the CSO).It is reasonable to expect these people had some dependents with them and gave birth while here to more.

So lets say a figure of 100,000,which is probably a conservative estimate.A figure of approx. 100,000 illegals were granted residency throught the 'Irish Born Child' scheme.Large numbers of illegal immigants are acknowledged to be here coming via various routes including bogus education courses.One example is chinese who are reported to be 100,000 strong here.

There are also large illegal immigrant populations including brazilians,pakistanis, nigerians and a variety of other african countries.It is reasonable to conclude the illegal immigrant population to be 200,000.There is also a green card scheme in operation which I dont have figures for.If you add the figures above the total comes to 1,125,303 or 30.7 % of the Irish population.

Yes that figure is 30.7% of the Irish population,that has been the increase in our population from legal and illegal immigration since 1999 to 2006. If you accept that 500,000 have left Ireland ,even then the immigrant population here would still be 17.07%.

Its reasonable to conclude that there is an immigrant population,legal and illegal here that amounts to 20% of the Irish population and this invasion(and thats an accurate description) has occurred in just 7 years from 1999 to 2006.Please note there are nt figures available for the years 2007 to 2008 but there is likely an addition of another 100,000 at least.Frightening stuff.


Anonymous said...

yeah, lets run away in panic. whoever wrote that has next to no idea of what he/she is talking about.

using the PPS nb as a base for the calculation means that the wannabe mathematician assumes that every immigrant who ever worked in ireland is still here (well, deducting the 500k at random wont fix a false assumption).
in fact - of course I don't know the figure; nobody does - but I can bet that most of thus PPS nbs are dead - loads of immigrants come in only for the summer season - which is the case for majority of students (but fear no more, the Netherlands opened their borders for Poles, that would stop any student),
then the child thing - whatever you believe immigrants are not really in to the whole bunny thing - being in a foreign country, often with high stress levels and spending most of the time in work does not sound like the best mating conditions to me, and even if - I know people who came back to wherever they came from just because they had children, which again falsifies the given

and as a simple conclusion - beware of the immigrant bogeyman or as an old anarchist proverb says: "no war between people, no peace between classes" - there's loads of politicians making money/getting to power over fictitious threats and immigration is one of them - unless you live be a war zone with loads of refuges, migrants will just move out if there is an actual problem with their numbers

Anonymous said...

Come on Savant! You shouldnt have published these figures. They're nonsense. You're undermining your credibility!