Saturday, 24 May 2008

Multi-culturalism is HOT in South Africa

Zimbabwean cultural enricher gets warm reception in Soweto.


Anonymous said...

The South African government which claims "there is no crisis in Zimbabwe" is partly responsible for that barbarism. They send a message to poverty striken natives that they will do nothing about an influx of millions of destitute people who drive wages down even further.

Also your comment makes black humour look like something from Walt Disney!

Anonymous said...

South Africa should be renamed South Zimboobwe, worst part is, this only the tip of Iceberg. As any reader of South Africa Sucks should know.

Stevie said...

Exactly how does this inform? A human being been burned to death should not be a point of flippant comedy. Bad taste dude.

SAVANT said...

It's bad taste by today's standards, but the battle is on against PC and PC started off with the objective of achieving good taste. Like so many good causes it turned into a tyranny.

So the post had 2 objectives: join battle against 'good taste' and to show that adverse reaction mass immigration isn't the prerogative of whites - and whites are a lot less violent in the way they express it.