Saturday, 31 May 2008

France and virginity

The French and virginity go together like, well, Germans and humour, Jews and stupidity, Irishmen and sobriety. Legions of horny Irish schoolboys will dreamily recall their initiation into the arts of love by French student visitors over the years.

This leads me to believe that your average Frenchman, should he discover his bride to be a virgin, would look for his honour back, or at least an annulment. But, mon dieu, how things have changed. From today's media we learn that a court in France has granted an annulment because, wait for it, the bride wasn't a virgin on her wedding night.

Whenever you come across medieval morality crossed with grotesque hypocrisy, The Religion Of Peace won't be far behind. And sure enough, it's here in all its grisly splendour.

The case involves a French 'convert' to Islam, who had his wedding party rightly, er, screwed, when his not-so-blushing bride failed to stain the bedclothes with blood. Charming. He sued for an annulment and the dhimmi court granted it.

The Irish Times tells us 'France has reacted with shock and outrage'. Why? This is what dhimmis do. This is what we'll be doing in Ireland in due course as the Muslim population reaches a critical mass.


Anonymous said...

I can only wonder. In the UK these Islamic "virgins" can get an operation to restore their "virginity" on the NHS. Which reminds me of this joke;

A muslim suicide bomber dies and goes to paradise. Once in paradise, he finds himself surrounded by 72 of the ugliest mingers anyone has ever laid eyes upon. A bemused Allah then says to him: "Why do you think they're still virgins?"

spider said...

Women in Islam need this like a hole in the head, already they are treated very badly. If they're raped its their fault etc etc, but at least the socialists in France are now waking up to this. It was socialism and socialists like george galloway in Britain who coyed up to the religion of peace to help create this state of affairs. Maybe now they'll see exactly what they are in bed with.

France will be the first to fall in Europe and become an Islamic country. Back to the dark ages....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, anyway this decision was based on existing French law, not on anything contained in the Koran.