Saturday, 29 March 2008

Whoopee! New offence found

They must have a lot to worry them at the Huffington Post. They've gleefully seized on the opportunity presented by a recent cover of Vogue

"Ever since Vogue put basketball star LeBron James on its cover — only the third man, and the first African American man, to gain that distinction — the cover has sparked discussion. Neurotics critics have slammed Vogue for "perpetuating racial stereotypes," depicting the "dangerous black man" running off with a beautiful white woman (model Gisele Bundchen).

Now, Sportsfilter blogger Rogers Cadenhead has discovered a possible (likely) inspiration for the Annie Liebovitz shoot: a famous World War I recruitment poster from 1917.

The poster, which shows a gorilla and says "Destroy This Brute," would seem to justify any sort of outrage over the racial stereotypes perpetuated by the Vogue cover. "

Yeah, right. And meanwhile, back in the real world.....


michigander said...

Some of this stuff is almost comical. How can people make those arguments with a straight face?

kerdasi amaq said...

This isn't good for black women, if it encourages their men to go after white women! Say no to race-mixing.

SAVANT said...

Hi Kerdasi - fascinated by your name. It's Arabic, isnt it? But you don't write like an Arab!

anyway, you're always welcome on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Is this what the Civil Rights Movement has boiled down to?