Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Untreatable TB update

Doodler from South Africa provides this chilling comment on my previous post:

"Savant - we have a massive problem with XDR in SA.A bunch of patients escaped from a special hospital and it took the authorities a lenghty period to locate most of them.To hear these guys are now in your neck of the woods is frightening.

Remember TB is spread very easily and XDR means that practically no drugs exist to treat the diease - akin to AIDS. You get it, you will probably die.But, then again, EU governments will insist on letting these people through...sooner or later they will learn - when the sheeple wake up."


Anonymous said...

do you have any info on last night's shoot-out in Limerick?

Your own, travellers or 'others'?


SAVANT said...

No info I'm afraid. They dont even report thise things anymore from Limerick - at least mot intoday's IT.

I'll get my sources working!

SAVANT said...

Gang land fighting between the various tribes there. Dont know why they keep calling this a 'potential tragedy'. Let the wipe each other out.

Anonymous said...

on the radio news yesterday - it is estimated that we have in excess of SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND XDR-TB patients wandering around South Africa - untreated.
Roll on the World Cup....

Anonymous said...

That's horrific! Count me out.

Anonymous said...

Appropos your comment - let them wipe each other - the mindset there (in Eire) is that their culture, but more importantly, their value systems are similar to yours - fatal, fatal mistake. It is not. But, nobody there will believe it.
As a matter of interest, how many immigrant Africans do you currently have in Ireland?
During my visit to Scotland in November I saw exactly three black persons. Two in Edinburgh, one in Inverness. Ahh, lovely place, Scotland. I could actually brave the weather there. And, everything works - what a pleasure, I could use the buses and trains without any fear.

SAVANT said...

I agree about their value system etc. Doodler, And the irish fall for it hook line and sinker. Your question about how many immigrant Africans are here is a good one. Based on our last census there there are about 45,000.

This of course is hilarious. It's based on census return forms. So can you imagine your average illegal immigrant filling in such forms? How many actual immigrants filled in these forms? A small minority in my view.

My own estimates are formed by what i see before me - the % of blacks you see on the streets. Based on this my estimated is about 150,000/200,000 (about 1 in 20). This from virtually zero 10 years ago.

Scotland does seem blessed. You'll see practically no Africans in aberdeen either. However, there's a huge population of Pakistanis in Glasgow.

I dont know why there are so few blacks in Scotland. TheScots have a reputation for being tightwads, so maybe the pickings aren't so good there!