Thursday, 20 March 2008

More reasons to be cheerful

I am reassured by the results of a survey on immigrants in Tralee, published today in the Irish Times . It seems 41% of the of the 'more than 3,500 immigrants' intend to stay there permanently.

3,500? mmm... that's about the same as the number unemployed in Tralee, according to the CSO. Could it be just 100 Nigerians registering 35 times each?

Thabo Mawanza form Nigeria tells us why he's staying. "It's a great country. I have a free apartment, I'm drawing the dole from 12 different offices, I work as a diversity consultant and have a mail fraud scam going on the side! And the girls here are only too happy to impale themselves on my joystick. I now have 15 children, all by different mothers, but, and this is another great thing, I can claim child support for 35! And tthe police are great. They never pick me up for having no tax or insurance on my car. So yes, I can reassure you, I'll be staying on."

Great to know, Thabo.
The same paper tells us the story of Fr. Sean McDonough, who was targeted for a scam within minutes of leaving the Nigerian embassy in Dublin, where he had gone for a visa. It seems the embassy required his email address. Within minutes of leaving there he became a victim of a phishing attack. “I received what appeared to be an email from Hotmail, asking me to update my e-mail (presumably he means his account details) within 48 hours or risk losing my Hotmail number.

He replied, including his password. Immediately all addresses in his address book were contacted, with a message saying he was stranded in Nigeria and needed funds urgently!

Ho, ho, fucking ho.

Incidentally, isn’t it amazing how the Nigerians, who can't organize even the most elementary activities in their own country, can mobilize so fast for a scam like this?

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