Thursday, 21 February 2008

Where do Nigerians come from?

A very relevant comment from anonymous (I do wish there were more names de guerre) to this post. He/she says:

"According to the Department of Trade a total of 276 nigerians were granted work visas since records began.The Department of Justice has stated in June 2007 that a total of 133 nigerians were granted refugee status at first instance.according to the 2006 Census there were 16,300 nigerians residing in Ireland.The number of nigerian student visas given to nigerians was negible and does nt feature in the statistics.This means that 97% of nigerians accounted for in the Census came to Ireland as illegal immigrants."

This is a very good point. In fact as we all know, the Census was a joke. Can you imagine the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants dutifully filling in their forms? There are probably 50,000 Nigerians here. One of the main reasons I think lies with the huge influx of heavily pregnant cultural enrichers in the early parts of this decade.

At one stage nearly 25% of all births in Dublin hospitals were due to them. Due to their offspring being born here, they, and their parents (well, the mother and some man or other) got citizenship. This scam was of course thwarted, amid squeals of outrage from the Immigration Industry, in the referendum a few years ago. But not before major damage was done.

I'd say the vast majority of the rest came in from Northern Ireland or else overstayed their, er, welcome.


Karl Hungus said...

Immigration "Industry"? The hell are you waffling about?

SAVANT said...

Waffling? Have you checkout the number of STATE-FINANCED bodies there are for immigrants? There's a whole industry there, Karl my boy.