Saturday, 9 February 2008

Scissors Sisters ride again

Everyone celebrates diversity in their own way. And that’s as it should be. The Mulhall sisters (both members of the oldest profession) and their mummy did it with Farah Noor, an asylum tourist from Somalia.

This particular cultural enricher, though a devout adherent of the Religion of Peace, proudly professed himself to be both a rapist and a murderer. He also had a kuffir lady as a lover – none other than the sisters’ mother. These splendid young ladies ended up by killing him and cutting up his body before disposing of it.

Why? Well, one shocking incident drove them to it. According to the Examiner, ‘matters came to a head when he made a pass at one of the sisters’. Is it any wonder they killed him?

Can you just imagine. They’re all at home, the girls counting the nights takings, when suddenly Noor makes an inappropriate remark. The poor innocent girls must have swooned with the shock. So they killed him. As one does in such circumstances.

Now the Court of Criminal Appeal has ruled that Linda’s 15 year sentence was invalid as the trial judge should have taken a psychiatrist’s report into account before sentencing. She might be back with us sooner than we thought.

Interestingly, according to the Examiner, ‘to this day, his head and penis were never found’. I never realised how easy it was to get rid of blackheads. And regarding the penis, hint to police: try shaking the ma.


rob said...

You shouldn't be so judgemental, Savant. Both Noor and the Mulhalls were victims of oppression - racist and sexist respectively.
When victims of oppression turn on each other, things can get pretty nasty.
By the way, Noor's demise had a nice multicultural twist at the end of it: after the Mulhalls had divided his mortal remains into manageable portions, his torso was identified by a friend who recognised his Ireland jersey.

SAVANT said...

You're right Rob - should have known it was our fault.

Nice one about the jersey!

Anonymous said...

rob...dont know if you followed thw story in the newspapers...but this guy noor was a complete pscyopath....the abuse he gave to their mother and any women who crossed his path was was only a matter of time untill he was either murdered or convicted of murder(he braged about having murdered a girl in dun laoghaire)....but i suppose since he was black it was due to opression!!!

SAVANT said...

remember what I always say, anonymous. Somalis are the worst immigrants, closely followed by the Roma and Nigerians. See what Hirsi ali said about them in an earlier post I made (use google search)

Anonymous said...

liam said
i read the book by mick mc caffrey and it was a brillant insight to what happened.noor was a sick man and the things he did to his other girlfriends was sick he was a mad man,he treated every girl like a piece of shit.what the sisters did was sick as well but i think it was going to happen to him eventally if it didnt he was going to murder some girl sooner rather than later read the book it is brillant it is called the irish sissor sisters by mick mc caffrey great read

Anonymous said...

I have read the books and followed the story very closely the papers sensationalise everything for selling. lets face it Noor shouldn't of been in this country if we had the same restrictions here as they have for entering the U.S and other countries it wouldn't of happened. What takings do you think they were counting??? Linda was NOT a prostitute if thats what you mean. Noor had convictions for rape and other sex offences from before he entered Ireland. Yes what the girls did was extreme but at the end of the day they are human and are mothers and your instinct is to protect. unfortunately drugs and drink clouded there judgement of when to stop and now their children suffer.