Monday, 18 February 2008

Ok, once again....

If I may be bold enough to quote the Preamble of the US Constitution (or is it the Declaration of Independence?), I hold the following to be self-evidently true.

Large scale immigration has always caused major societal problems, and always will.

Such problems are directly related to differences in race, religion and culture, the greater the differences, the greater the problems

When blacks move in, either to neighbourhoods or schools, whites (and usually other races) move out

The resultant black environments demonstrate vastly higher levels of crime, family breakdown and welfare dependency

All attempts to address shortcomings in blacks societies, be it through foreign aid, affirmative action or black empowerment have failed and will continue to fail for the foreseeable future.

Islam, in that it recognizes no distinction between religion and the state, is inherently incompatible with Western democracy.

Muslims will not assimilate, rather they will form their own communities where they will enforce Islamic principles

Once a critical mass of Muslims is reached in a Western democracy, they will try to enforce such principles on the wider community.

Sooner or later, Westerners will have to decide whether to submit or fight back against this pressure.

In terms of demographics and numbers, the situation is rapidly deteriorating throughout the West.

It is bordering on sedition for those in power to encourage this self-destruction.

Is not all of this self-evidently true? And if so, why are we walking - make that sprinting - into a crisis?


Anonymous said...

Off Topic, but do you think Kosovo's recent declaration of independence will hasten this 'critical mass' in any way. Dont get me wrong I fully believe you that at this rate of cultural suicide Europe (and the UK and Ireland) is f**ked. I simply want your honest opinion oh wise Savant.

Theodore Breehn said...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This actually is the start of the second part of the Declaration of Independence. Notice the country might have believed it, but did not practice in the case of the children of Africa at the time.

Also life, liberty and property would have been better.

But, hey it's no "In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom."

Our Yankee forefathers were several decibels lower in the bombast sweepstakes.

Mon Savant, I am always here for you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything except the word "walking". Think it's already a jog.

SAVANT said...

Thanks TVOH - you've kept me on the right road again. As you say, just as well I dont follow through with the quotation. Then again, whites, especially white males, are not equal today. PC, diversity and affirmative action are seeing to that.

SAVANT said...

I think Kosovo is very much on topic. Again, the EU is rushing to recognise it. Kosovars are Albanian Muslims. The only industry they have is crime, and they'll now be heading our way in even larger numbers.

Do I think we're fucked. If I had to bet I'd say yes. Fucked in the sense that we'll have an unsustainable number of our population crime and welfare-ridden, off in their own enclaves. Our education standards and all of this will increasingly weaken our economy and social cohesion.

Take a look at the UK, places like Blackburn (there are lots more). No longer functioning as a city, but two mutually hostile sub-divisions.

Whats so sad and infuriating is that we've seen it happen elsewhere, and we're doing nothing about it.

SAVANT said...

Happy irish - i agree. A sprint might be better. Note I've changed the post.

btw - what are you so happy about?

SAVANT said...

Anonymous. Re Blackburn, see this post

Anonymous said...

Great post Savant.

Every day the the truth is recognized by more and more people. I just hope enough wake up before it's too late.

Btw i don't think Ireland is screwed. France and Holland are screwed, the US is very close and so is England, but Ireland is thankfully not there yet.

SAVANT said...

I hope you're right rhein, and I agree with you about those other countries - you could have added Sweden, btw.

The problem with Ireland is that we're umbilically linked with the UK so it's so hard to restrict entry. That's assuming of course that our leaders have the balls to do it anyway.

Anonymous said...

We are not fully fucked yet but Fianna Fail are hard at work on it.

Does this new Immigration bill work as advertised, or is the government pretending to be doing something; so as to assuage the fears of their constituents?

What it means is that immigration won't be an issue in the "debate" on the Lisbon treaty.

Anonymous said...

LOL wiseman, the 'Happy' name is more general and not linked to the societal crisis facing western Europe. But its getting out-of-date now and I'm getting unhappier by the day beacuse of this misguided policy of appeasement. However, recently I have begun to hope that the climate may be changing somewhat and the PC blinkers are being opened ever so slightly. We can only hope the developed world can awake from its slumber and stop re-electing its little Neros before the great hoardes of the fatally brainwashed take over.

I am in favour of cultural interchange. I have benefitted from living and working in other countries and I now work in Spain, where I learned the language and show respectful deference to the differences in culture. I'm hardy a racist as I married a girl from Asia and have a couple of Muslim friends. However, the point is that I do not expect a guest to tell me how to run my house and to claim I am beneath him before telling me his plan is to make me follow his 7th century barbaric customs or face death or penury. Is there such a word as 'outvasion' or how should we refer to policy of inviting your enemies into your home? Its verging on the seditious or treasonous in some countries.
If the response is that they are not guests but equal citizens then forbid them becoming citizens until they choose between democracy and Islam. You can't have it both ways as the systems are fundamentally incompatible. The men in skirts have a lot to answer for. I know you may be a bit paranoid over a fatwah being issued but lose the pic. I can't read your blog within an hour of eating.

SAVANT said...

What about if i just lost a few pounds?

Anonymous said...

You'll lose more than that if the headbangers track you down. In the meantime, may I respectfully suggest a bit of muslim-style cross-dressing.