Saturday, 2 February 2008

Connell weasels out again

Desmond (“I paid nobody”) Connell is a bloodless, treacherous, arrogant, lying, buck-toothed hermorphadite. He’s a man/woman constantly at war with the facts. He presided over a clerical pedophile ring in the Dublin Archdiocese whereby known abusers, once outed, were quietly shipped to virgin (indeed) territory elsewhere to destroy a whole new group of lives. It was for these reasons that I gave him such a hard time in my interview with him last year.

Despite this he was promoted by his CEO at the time – John-Paul II (The Abominable Showman) to Cardinal. Eventually when the scandal became public, s/he denied all knowledge. S/he even had the temerity, amid much be ringed hand-wringing, to wail about how painful the scandal (well, its becoming public anyway) was for the bishops.

Can you believe that? Countless lives ruined on his watch, and all she can talk about is how embarrassed the fucking bishops were.

Now this Creeping Jesus has crawled out of his coffin and seeks to have access to all the incriminating evidence blocked.

Obviously he has good reasons for this. But why now? This has been going on for years.

There are a lot of strange sub-plots here. One relates to the murky dealings whereby the Church’s insurance company backed out of its policies (they got lied to about potential liabilities?). Another is the notorious little arrangement whereby Michael Woods and Opus Dei officials at the Dept. of Education took on the Church’s financial obligations on our behalf (see this).

And am I being too cynical in thinking that the dispute between Connell and DiarMuid Martin could be contrived? Could Martin be saying ‘I swear, I knew nothing of this’ while hoping that Connell’s court action succeeds? Top executives like them do that kind of thing all the time.

Bring on the cleansing hellfire.

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honest henry said...

Give the guy a chance. Dont always jump to conclusions