Thursday, 31 January 2008

What of our new Immigration Bill?

What of Brian Lenihan's new bill?

Your Savant has a simple mechanism to determine its worth - how does the Immigration Industry view it? Happily, they seem to be largely unhappy. Through the fog of lies and obfuscation, Brian seems to have seen a vague outline of the iceberg ahead. He's come to the dramatic conclusion that people who are here illegally should be deported.

Well fancy that!

It seems to me that the main feature will be to detain those who have lost their last appeal. This will avoid the kind of farce we had last month when fewer than 10 deportees showed up for a flight to Nigeria, scheduled to take hundreds.

The bill also proposes to limit the currently endless and horrendously expensive (to the Irish taxpayer) appeals process. At present there is no loss to the lawyer or applicant (in fact there's great profit to the lawyer) in dragging out the process interminably. Now the taxpayer won't have to fork out if the appeal is judged to be frivolous. Mmmm..... I'll believe that when I see it.

There are also limits on uniting of families. Not surprising given that some 'families' are well into double digits, with no means of verifying familial bona fides. Now on this one I'm with the Industry. I'm all in favour of families being reunited. By giving the asylum tourist a free ticket home.

The one big omission relates to the use of Dublin II. As every schoolboy knows (but not our immigration 'professionals', seemingly), if someone presents himself here seeking asylum having arrived from an EU country he can be sent right back to that country. Why don't they use it?

The next stage now is assist the return of those bedding in here. This sounds cruel, but we're in an existential struggle. And we can humanise it with the Steve Sailer solution: pay them to leave. It'd be the best money we'd ever spend, and everyone would be happy.

Go for it Brian.

As an addendum, just got this link from Hibernia Girl:

Notice how conscience these 'Irish citizens' are of their so-called rights. Note too what sounds like machine-gun fire during the SinnFein representative's homily!


Anonymous said...

Hey Savant, want to link to the David McWilliam's article where he cites a a German study which says "Muslims never integrate"?

Nice to see this getting more mainstream...

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