Tuesday, 22 January 2008

We NEED these people

After yesterday's dazzling display of celebrating diversity I find I need another fix. And what could be more ethnically diverse (at least for the moment) than crowds of Shia Muslims slashing themselves to pieces in celebration of some daft thing or other?

AP tells us that "hundreds of thousands of frenzied Shiites beat their heads and chests in unison and whipped themselves with chains Saturday across Iraq to honor the martyrdom of one of their most revered saints. The processions were marred by violence with a deadly bombing in northern Iraq and clashes south of Baghdad.

The street battles between members of a messianic cult and Iraqi troops raged for a second day as the death toll from the fighting in two predominantly Shiite southern cities rose from 50 to at least 68."

Come on Conor Lenihan, we need lots more of these people to enrich our society.

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