Monday, 14 January 2008

Islam in Antwerp (and coming soon to a place near you)

Europe News (good site) provides us with an appetiser for our future dhimmi status. A few excerpts (in sometimes fractured English):

Antwerp was the first of many cities in Flanders to allow for restricted opening hours for men in public swimming pools, in advantage of Muslim women, since their partners don’t grant them the presence of other men.

All school meals in Antwerp are prepared “halal” according to Muslim regulation. School forms explicit note that pig or horse meat is completely banned from school menus – even for Christian pupils. This solely to meet Muslim demands.

The neutrality of public service in Antwerp was contaminated by a growing number of Muslim clerks at reception desks. Therefore the town council intended to ban all expressions of religion whatsoever. This ban would imply for both the Muslim veil, Jewish kippa and Christian crucifix alike. Muslims protested furiously and demanded a general prohibition of Christmas trees and Easter chocolates on the work floor. The ban on veils was immediately withdrawn, mysteriously the prohibition on crucifixes and kippas was maintained.

Interestingly for Ireland, the vast majority of Muslim immigrants (mainly from Morocco and Turkey) arrived in Antwerp very recently - within the last 20 years or so. Yet the city will have a Muslim majority in a few decades if present trends continue.

Any lessons for Ireland? Of course

Will we learn from them? Of course not


Anonymous said...

Of course - plenty of lessons. But we'll learn them the hard way, as we always do.

Anonymous said...

Are any mainstream Irish political parties in favor of tightening immigration/asylum rules, or do you have to vote for a far-right party if you want anything done on that?

SAVANT said...

I'd say they are - but are afraid to admit it. The PC Thought Police would get them. Look at how the Greens have come out against the detention centres.