Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Coming to a place near you

Ann Cryer is a Labour MP. And we know that Labour is the home of multi-kulti, kumbiyah, PC Thought Police. So it's time to take notice when someone like her admits the following:

"I've been told about men and women of my age who don't like to go into local parks because they've been told by Pakistani lads to stay out. There are almost entirely Muslim areas where it would be difficult for a white to live in the same way that it would be hard for a Muslim to live in some of the all-white areas."

Any suggestions as to the first location in Ireland to resemble this?


Anonymous said...


NotAnonymous said...

Savant, do your research! Ann Cryer is actually one of the good 'uns..
She has spoken out repeatedly against forced marriages and is not popular at all in certain sections of the community.


SAVANT said...

I dont disagree with you nonAnonymous. I didnt make amy personal criticism of her. But as you know, Labour are the PC offenders.