Sunday, 13 May 2007

Our wonderful judges

Our judges continue to be a source of reassurance with their solid, sensible, commonsense approach to key issues.

First take this family from Nigeria (yes, please take them). This wonderful addition to our country are all AIDS infected. But Justice Geoghegan allows them challenge a deportation order because of a risk of the family not obtaining proper AIDS treatment in Nigeria.

Now, unlike our head-in-the-cloud judges, let's think sensibly about this. Does this mean that any illegal AIDS-infected immigrant can stay here if he or she can't obtain proper treatment in their home country? Seems to me fairly clear. Would it be any surprise then if, based on this judgement, we get flooded with such people? Quite apart from the impact on our tottering health services, given Africans' attitudes to sexuality, we can be sure that their affliction would in due course be defused more widely here.

Another Nigerian, a women this time, has been served with a deportation order. She claims her son is autistic, but this was not accepted in the deportation procedings. However, mad judge to the rescue again, this time in the form of Justice Feeney. He based the case on the possibility that the child might in fact be autistic. So again, can any illegal immigrant with an autistic child come here and stay for treatment? Seems like it. This when Irish citizens with autistic children are travelling to Canada because our health services cannot provide adequate support. With judges like this, it'll be a long time before that changes.

By the way, a post-script to this. The lady in question has 'fled' from Italy, where she had already been granted asylum. Why? Well, because, like, it's better in Ireland. With the number of mad judges we have, she's dead right. Precedents arising from these rulings will come back to haunt us in double-quick time.


Anonymous said...

you dont understand the role of an independent judiciary, you wanker

Anonymous said...

your the wanker these judges will fuck the hole country before their finished

Anonymous said...

To the 1st poster:
The judge in this case interfered with something which should be within the political sphere - debated and decided by the people who pay for it (i.e. the citizens of Ireland) . Not some unaccountable guy that noone can fire who gets his pension no matter what.

SAVANT said...

I agree - naturally enough - with the last poster. 'Activist' judges have brought the whole system into (greater?) disrepute in the US, leading to a major backlash. Where someone lies about their immigration status they should not be afforded the same legal protection as others.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:26 - They're not "Independent" they're foocking indoctrinated yer stupid shite. I was living under the hope that as an Irish Citizen through descent I was hoping that the Emerald Isle might be a refuge of sanity to retreat to when the great wild world just became too much like the land of the walking dead. Apparently I was wrong.