Saturday, 10 March 2007

Another one bites the dust

Listen to Patrick Mercer, former Tory shadow security minister and a former army colonel. "That's the way it is in the army. If someone is slow on the assault course you'd get people shouting 'come on you fat bastard, ginger bastard, Irish bastard, black bastard etc.'"

Don't waste our time Patrick, everyone bloody well knows that. Well, maybe. But in this case saying an obvious truth got him sacked - despite a grovelling apology. David Cameron, Tory Leader says 'we can't have racism in any form in the army'. No one is suggesting that Col Mercer is a racist - especially not any of the black soldiers who have since the sacking revealed how happy they were to serve under such a fine officer.

No: Col Mercer has lost his job merely for describing life in the Army as it is: a subject on which, since he gave 25 years distinguished service to his country, he might conceivably know more about than his obsessively politically correct party leader. This development underlines your Savant's frequent observation, that the PC Thought Police have closed off race as a subject of discussion. Like sex with the Victorians, there are two parallel universes, what people say in private, and what they say in public. Same with Communism, a public 'truth' that everyone publicly subscribed to, and then the real truth.

Race is the elephant in the room whose importance we can judge by the fact that we're not allowed discuss it. Just like under Communism, it'll cost you your job.


Wolfman said...

Dead right. We have 2 parallel worlds, the one everyine lives in, and the PC world, aka lala land

Paddy McTiernan said...