Wednesday, 21 February 2007

What's up doc?

So farewell then, Dr. John......

Prof. John Murphy resigns as President of the President of the Royal College of Physicians. Presumably with a straight face he claims “I have always endeavoured to act with honesty and integrity in my own professional life as an obstetrician and gynecologist”. John, you have in your bollix. You acted to protect your partners in the medical business at the expense of their victims.
After years of whipping out the wombs of half the unfortunate mothers who fell under his ‘care’, Michael Neary was eventually found grossly negligent and incompetent and struck off the Medical Register. Not before Doc Murphy had the following to say on his behalf: “the mothers of the North Eastern Health Board are fortunate in having the service of such an experienced and caring obstetrician," adding “it is my conclusion that Dr Neary has no case to answer concerning his management of any of the patients in question."

In this he was doing nothing more than what medicos have done all down the years. This group’s arrogance was exemplified by Murphy’s being elected as President of the RCPI even after Neary was struck off. This was giving one big finger to the public in the traditional fashion. However, on this occasion the industry’s main supporter, the Catholic Church, was in no position to see off the public. The two groups have stuck together like shit to a blanket over the years, in a form of toxic collusion to enforce Church dogma on their victims. The most grotesque example of this was the imposition of symphysiotomy, the barbaric practice of sawing through the pelvis, undertaken by doctors to avoid Caesarean births. They feared this could encourage contraceptive practices, ya see. Typical lifelong effects included constant backache, tiredness and incontinence. But what did that matter – the mothers had been saved from sin.

It’s a common view that the Church has lost its power after that debased institution collapsed under the weight of its own corruption. But that's not true. Whereas thankfully the number of young people entering the business has almost dried up, the Church still owns most of the hospitals and schools (despite being paid for by the taxpayer) and holds on to them for dear life – except when it can turn a huge profit by selling to a developer. The systematic downgrading of Tallagh Hospital and the consolidation of childrens’ services in the Mater underline this.

Vigilance still called for!


Fidelma said...

what a nasty, viscious, horrible post! Can't you make a point without being so nasty?

SAVANT said...

On subjects like this I find it very difficult, Fidelma my dear. if you were a woman you'd understand my ire.