Monday, 26 February 2007

The new CIE

Your Savant travelled to Dublin today to enlighten that benighted place. First time travelling by train for years, with CIE showing a major improvement from that time (admittedly that's like saying someone is the tallest dwarf). It seems despite (because of) running trains every hour, CIE is doing a roaring business, as the picture here underlines.
However, your Savant's benign mood was threatened when the announcer started gibberish in Irish. I thought 'bloody great. Maybe intelligent foreigners might understand a few words, but what about the natives?'. I needn't have worried - because here was the message "Ta trollai snacai ar an traen, leis sandwishai, panninnai, coffai agus tae". Everyone understood perfectly!


Fergus McL. said...

It's easy to make jokes about this, but most modern languages have imported such common English language terms and left them more or less as they were.

Anonymous said...

Come on, give some credit. CIE are still not great but have improved enormously.